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Chronic cough?

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First, I am prone to getting a chronic cough. I got them a couple of times a year growing up, and since I've been adult I've had it less frequently, but it still stinks when I do. What usually happens is that I get a cold, may cough some during the cold, start getting better, but the cough doesn't go away. In fact, sometimes it gets worse. I then go on to cough for 3 weeks to a month. I am usually not "sick" during this time (no infection, no fever or other symptoms) although sometimes I get re-sick at some point. I can usually tell when I am actually ill vs just coughing. But I also have a really deep-sounding cough so when people hear it they assume the worst.


It's been a week and a half since I got sick this time and a straight week of coughing, post-illness. I can't sleep and the coughing fits are triggering my gag reflux which makes me feel like I am constantly on the verge of vomiting (even though I don't).


I have tried:


neti pot

lots of vitamin c

steaming my face with boiling water

Robittussin (the "plain" kind has been okayed by my dr)

Sudafed (same)

cough drops

no cough drops (because I read that numbing the throat can actually have the reverse effect of prolonging the illness)

Lots of water.


The neti pot/steaming/etc seemed to help the most when I was still a little sick. Helped clear out the mucous. At this point I am still doing it a couple times a day but I am not that stuffed up. When I tried Sudafed it dried me up completely but did not stop my coughing. In fact, my cough felt drier and more painful and gaggy. Robittussin does not seem to do much. I have had my lungs listened to with a stethascope (post original cold) and they were clear, which was not surprising because I know the difference of a chronic cough and an infection for my body.


I feel as if I have some sort of coughing reflex that will not turn off. My DH thought when I dealt with the postnasal drip I would stop coughing, but based on past experience I had a feeling I wouldn't. The last time this happened, I was not pregnant but I coughed for about a month straight and at the very end developed bronchitis. Tessalon Perles, a prescription med, is what finally killed that cough, but of course it is not safe for pregnancy. :(


I am miserable, not sleeping, taking more meds than I would like (even though I am not medicating constantly, but at moments of desperation) and just soooo frustrated. I am worried about this going on indefinitely, though I hope I am wrong to worry.

Any advice?

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Straight up honey mixed with lemon juice, by the spoonful. I don't even waste my time making tea. winky.gif Tea is soothing too, in its own way, but the honey and lemon juice really works well for me.

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If the steam isn't helping any more, a humidifier probably wouldn't, either.  


Have you tried sleeping on an incline?  When I have had unjustifiable cough it is so much worse when I'm lying flat.  Maybe it will help you get a little more sleep?

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