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Baby becomes ill when I nurse during my period

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I have 2 sons. Both were EBF- including all night long (like every 2 hours) until 8 months old. However, for whatever reason I got my period at 6 WEEKS PP with both boys. Regularly. Every month.


It took me awhile to put 2 and 2 together, but now there is no doubt: when I am on my period, a number of really unfortunate things happen. One--my supply drops. I have heard this happens to a lot of moms, and basically, we just struggle through it for a few days each month and then supply comes back. Two--poor DS (now 8 months) seems to have a lot of digestive issues, and digestive pain, and poop becomes really green, or mucousy, or thick and foul smelling, with alternating diarrhea and constipation. And finally three--he gets HORRIBLE diaper rash from these poops. Sometimes to the point of blistering.


This month has been the worst. He even got a fever and a rash all over his body for a day. I'm starting to think that--in my case--maybe breast isn't best, at least during that time of the month. And sadly, if I were to go formula for a few days, (with the supply drop also simultaneous) I probably would never truly get my supply back. We all know that's a slippery slope. Plus, my body doesn't really respond to the pump anyway.


He is clearly in a lot of pain and misery. (And so am I. As if PMS wasn't enough!). My questions, first-- anyone else out there in the wide world had this experience?? And if so... was there anything you could do to ease your babe's suffering? Would you switch to formula??


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I'm wondering if you try to change your diet. I don't really know if that will help, especially if you already eat really healthy.  I know when I'm on my period I crave lots of sweets.  Not really sure if this will help, just thought I'd throw it out there.  Hope you find some answers. :)

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I found some studies about breastmilk composition changes however it pertains to the week before or after ovulation. There are changes in sodium, potassium, chloride, glucose and lactose levels.


. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6626048




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Thanks, Asiago. I knew I wasn't imagining things! My diet doesn't change much during that time of the month, so I know it's not that. And he's a really healthy little guy normally.


We made it through this month, but I did end up supplementing a little. We're back on breastmilk, but I'm really nervous about next month. It just seems to get worse every month. I think I'm going to re-post my question to the experts and see what they say.

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I've read that a magnesium/calcium supplement can help with cycle-related supply changes. Might be worth a try!
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You are welcome, I hope it is helpful information.

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