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Posterior Tongue Tie and BF'ing advice!

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DD2 is 12 days old now, and was diagnosed with a possible posterior tongue tie yesterday. We saw 2 lactation consultants and a health nurse.


A little backstory - DD1 had the same issues, but it was never diagnosed as a tongue tie. Everything seems to be exactly the same, just we have more knowledge this time around. I never developed a full supply, but managed to pump about half of her total milk intake until she was 9 months old with the help of domperidone.

All signs point to the fact that it's a big issue with DD2 -- My nipples are so sore, and she "chews" them to get letdown. She can't stick her tongue out and it doesn't come over her gums when she sucks on my finger. The poor kid can just barely latch onto a bottle without formula/breastmilk draining out either side of her lips! My supply is starting to drop, she's suddenly stopped latching to nurse today, and she's not gaining weight well. We have to wait until Friday to get it clipped.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Will 3 days of not nursing mess up our relationship? We're syringe feeding half the time, bottle feeding half, and I'm still trying to nurse her at each feed, but she won't stay on without crying and unlataching a million times. I am pumping while DH bottle/syringe feeds. I'm only able to pump about an ounce and a half each session. I did start domperidone yesterday and am hoping that it helps as much as it did with DD1.

This is all so discouraging! I was really hoping that my experience with DD2 would be better, but is so far proving to be much, much worse.

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I don't know much about tongue ties, but I just wanted to offer you some huge "cyber hugs" - I'm nursing my 3rd and also thought each time it would be easier and it wasn't (though like you I was more educated each time so that helped)...I can relate to the frustration there - sounds like you are doing a lot to make things work!

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nak... So sorry you are going thru this. Also wanted to offer support. DD is 5 mos with an unclipped posterior type 3 tt.  Nursing was a big challenge in the beginning but despite it, she gained weight fine so we never clipped.


It's now Friday... how did the procedure go? Hope all is going well and that nursing will get easier for you both.



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