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Sending you love, prayer, and good vibes. Keep us posted. grouphug.gif Thinking of you, your DH and baby every day.

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I also send you hugs and positive thoughts.  I know nothing about the medical aspects of your case, but I do know a little bit about the "numbness" response you talk about when you heard all the troubling news.  It is a self protection mechanism.  When you have a baby to care for (even in utero) it is possible for your mind to  basically automatically shut off in order to protect you from the severe stress, hurt, pain and anger of certain situations.  It allows you to continue to function.  Recognizing that you "should" have been feeling more is fine, but forgive yourself for moments of numbness, it isn't as though you don't care, it is that you care so much you tripped the fuse. Feeling all that badness all at once would be too much, and taking as good care of yourself as you can manage is all you can do.  


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Oh Autumn I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm just now seeing this thread. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I thought about getting a doppler for reassurance when he's quiet, but I'm not quite sure what to get. At first, my gut (no pun intended) told me that this baby will be fine because he felt so strong but with the near absence of movement lately it's hard to believe my first instinct. But if many babies are snuggling in I'll try to let it sink in it's just a phase or position.


Luckily my blood pressure was ridiculously low until recently, so hopefully I've got some "room" to work with on that front. It's come up about 20 points in the past month, which is concerning to me because I compare, but not to doctors since it's still healthy low. I had read about the Brewer's diet before, but it sounded like so much work. Maybe Probably it's time to change my tune. I was trying to figure out how I can best my chances to avoid the BP and preterm delivery issues (other than luck) but without a good direction to start.


I'm trying to be optimistic that finding this so late (relatively speaking) is a good sign. I guess the chances of a healthy (or surviving) baby decrease significantly, the earlier it's found. I also try to find hope in the stories of babies that come into the world like there was nothing (or nearly nothing) wrong at all despite doctors saying the outlook was grim. Already there are two scares that worked out among us few women. That is a good thing, right?


And thanks for the positive thoughts. It's something very good to look forward to, visiting our DDC. :-)

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I have the Sonoline B fetal doppler.

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Hugs and hope to you, Autumn.


We recently had a baby in our practice who was diagnosed with a complicated heart defect at 26w. All kinds of prep went into planning the birth, having all the specialists involved and present at the birth, and it seemed very likely that he would be whisked away right into an initial surgery to begin the staged repair. Well, he was born pink and lovely and crying and breathing, was monitored in hospital for a few days and then discharged home with his family! He did eventually undergo surgery and there are more operations in his future, but nothing that dramatic happened for the first month - which was a big surprise given all the hype. It seems to me that specialists often offer the worst-case scenario first so that you are prepared for that and so that anything less seems like a happy blessing. I fervently hope that you are pleasantly surprised when your boy is born. Please keep us posted.

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I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this stress! Hopefully everything will turn out to be just fine or easily fixed. Sending lot's of good thoughts your way. Oh and I have totally poked and poked at baby to make him move when he's worried me a few times. hug2.gif

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autumn, how are you doing?

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I've been thinking about you, too!  Hope you are well.

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Yesterday was a roller coaster ride of a day that nearly included welcoming baby. Well, maybe not literally yesterday, but being admitted to the hospital and prepping for welcoming baby in short succession after the 48 hours of steroids.

The day began as expected, with ultrasound and fetal echo-cardiogram. My impression from the cardiologist is that heart function looks good, despite the heart defects. 
The sad news is that baby's fluid accumulation has increased dramatically. I was watching the measurements flash across the screen as the sonographer made them, and I am fairly confident that it said over 2cm thick fluid surrounding baby's head, like a halo. The fluid in baby's lungs made it look like the lung cavity was over 50% filled with fluid. The fluid in the way makes it so that the lungs themselves can't expand and of course poor lung development. His belly is so distended with fluid we look kinda like twins. :-) And his poor feet make preeclampsia swelling look like a cakewalk.
The perinatologist indicated that she believed baby needed to be delivered as soon as possible to "save the baby." This was a strange shift from 3 weeks ago, when the other perinatologist said there was no chance of baby's survival if it came prematurely. We asked for more information and ended up having a biophysical profile. Baby passed, barely, with a 6/10 score. We weren't able to see 30 seconds of continuous breathing motions over a 30 minute time span and I'm not certain what other factor didn't get points. The sonographer indicated that continuous breathing motions in a 27-week baby is not always present, even in a healthy baby. It makes me wonder if in another week's time, the score would go up. It's my understanding that the test has low false-negative mortality rates (the number of fetal deaths within 1 week of a normal test result). So I thought that to be good news.
But then then the perinatologist said they did another study of blood flow in the liver and observed reverse flow, which is apparently an indication of severe heart failure. Perinatologist freaked out and had someone walk us to be admitted at the hospital.
Baby is on the path of getting sicker instead of better like I hoped. Perinatologist was convinced that baby will die in utero within the week, so we went along with talking to more doctors.
In the hospital, we visited with an obstetrician who did his own ultrasound scan and explained a few things to us (for example, how they can tell that baby doesn't have severe anemia from an ultrasound). He gave us the opportunity to talk about our feelings with rushing straight into the OR, and what it would mean for us long term. He admitted that there probably isn't a good outlook for baby, either way. He said he couldn't give for sure numbers (and neither wanted to squash all hope nor give false hope) but my impression is that we're talking less than 10%--maybe even less than 1%--of baby survival.
The numbers are scary, but ultimately we decided to pursue a "wait some more" approach. We've already been told by another doctor that baby has no chance of survival if it comes prematurely so even though I want to do whatever it takes to have a healthy baby, I can't convince myself that he will be any worse off in my belly than coming out just yet. Even making it to 30 weeks I would feel a lot better.
Then there's the c-section. Delivering a 27-week baby means a classical Caesarean section to have enough room to get a good grip on a tiny, squishy baby. Sucky because the expectation that all future births would also be CS. The hospital has a reputation for being very women-friendly, and they encourage VBAC ... but only if it's a low horizontal incision. Agh. As if having one doesn't terrify me enough, committing all future pregnancies to CS brings on some major anxiety. How I can be worried about that right now??
In any event, I believe this baby probably needs a miracle. I hope he'll get one.
Thanks for your support, all. And thanks for the continued stories of pulling through when doctors freak out. :-)
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Oh, Autumngrey, I'm so sorry the news wasn't better. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you and your DH.

Still sending prayers and good vibes.stillheart.gif

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I'm so very sorry.  I'll be hoping for a miracle right along with you.  

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Autumn grey I am sorry the news is so bleak, I am here thinking of you all , hoping for you all and asking the universe for a miracle.

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Praying for a miracle for your little one. St. Gerard please be with this mother and her unborn child. Please ask our Heavenly Father for a healing miracle and a fighting chance.

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Praying for your miracle.  so sorry you're having to face this.  hugs and positive thoughts being sent your way.

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You poor thing :( I've heard things that weren't a hundredth of that over the last few days and was a wreck, I truly can't imagine what you're going through. I know there is nothing in the long run we can do to help baby, but is there anything we can do to help you get through this stressful period of waiting and watching? I will truly be wishing you the best possible outcome...doctors have been known to be wrong, and I pray this is one of those times.

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Oh mama, that is a lot to take in. Praying for a miracle for your baby. Love and hugs to you and your family.grouphug.gif

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praying really really hard

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Oh god Autumn, I can't imagine what you're going through. I'll be making some offerings to Brigid tomorrow for your little guy.

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Oh Autumn, I'm so sorry the news wasn't better. It sounds like you are doing everything you can--getting lots of opinions.  All you can do is make the best decisions that you can.  I wish I could give you a big hug.  I know you have much more important things to do, but feel free to vent/cry/yell here if you need to.  ((((hugs!!!))))

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