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January 11th CHECK IN:

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Happy 2nd 29th birthday Chili!!!


Congrats Kaitlyn!  I never had a doubt you'd pass!!


Demoonunit - today is a new day.  I'm so sorry you are having such a stressful time with your mom.  I can't imagine.  Big hugs!  Please let us know if you need additional support for anything.  Thinking about you!


What's everyone else up to today?  Hopefully having some babies!  A Friday the 13th baby wouldn't be so bad....I was born on a Thurs the 13th but I've had plenty of Friday the 13th birthdays.


My plan is to do anything but have a repeat of yesterday!  Taking DS to a playgroup this AM and then maybe taking him to Storyville at the library this afternoon.  Trying to spend as little time at home as possible!  The only productive thing I did yesterday was stay up until 12AM sewing a new diaper bag.  Got it 2/3 done.


Hope everyone has a great day! 

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38 weeks today. :) Going to see the OB and maybe a Target trip to pick up a few last minute things. Zumba tonight.  BORing day around here!

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39+3 by ovulation and 40+5 by LMP today.  Woke up at 3am to horrible heartburn and pressure waves that felt like bad menstrual cramps.  Came out to the living room to try to sleep but couldn't.  Pressure waves only feel like menstrual cramps if I'm laying down on my sides...otherwise, they just feel like really strong BHs...weird.


I'm tired.  Heartburn won't go away.  I would love to just sleep until labor starts.  But, I'm going to eat some breakfast (hopefully miso soup will help the heartburn!) and then go for a walk around the neighborhood.  Then maybe get some sewing done.  Maybe then I'll have a baby.  Ha. orngtongue.gif 

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not much to speak of here.  laundry.  cleaning.  trying to spend some quality time with the boys while i can.  we're supposed to be getting some snow and ice over the next few days, and while i could go out and run some errands, i think i'll just avoid the rush of people out there, stocking up on batteries and toilet paper.  i have a prenatal appointment tomorrow, that i would like to be able to keep- guess we'll see how the roads are.


thinking of everyone, and all that you have written here.  i refresh this page so many times each day, looking for updates from you guys. love.gif

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Thanks mama (: and thanks to the ladies who posted in yesterday's thread. I'm so relieved.


This baby is showing NO signs of coming anytime soon. This is really upsetting me. I'll be sad not being pregnant anymore..but the sciatic nerve pain, not being able to get comfy, etc is really getting old.


I think today I'm going to go pick up some good craigslist finds (with my dad of course, I won't go alone) and then tonight we're celebrating my cousin's son's 4th birthday.


I'll attempt to do things around the house today, make a cake, clean, maybe even clean MY room lmbo! Baby's room is perfect and spotless. It's been painted, put together, and clean for MONTHS now.


I'm at 40w4d? I think..I don't really go anywhere because people will ask "oh when are you due?" ...I was 'due' days ago. Baby was very active though yesterday..which is comforting in my mind but uncomfortable for my body..lol


Oh *sigh* any day now ladies..Have a good one (:

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Happy Birthday Chili!!!!  


Hooray to Kaitlyn; I bet that's a huge load off!!  I'm so with you on how uncomfortable the last while has been...ugh...


Juneboymum, what a good idea to make your own diaper bag! I haven't seen anything I like that's in my price range, and (until I saw your post) was planning on using a messenger bag I had in college...hmmm! maybe I'll crack open the sewing machine....


Wombjuice, I bet you're hoping for today...smile.gif


HCM, I refresh the page all through the day too :D



40+6 today.


We went for a long walk last night, which was really nice (except I'm SO stiff this morning), and about halfway through the walk I could tell that baby had dropped further.  MW came over first thing this morning to do a thorough sweep, and the first thing she said was, "Oh my god, she is SO low!!" Sitting at +1 station...this baby is just going to fall out, I swear....


I've been deliciously crampy for the past couple hours, and it's in my lower back and abdomen, but it's probably just more pre-labour stuff...at this point I think I'll refuse to believe I'm in labour until there's a head showing up...

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38+2 here.  It's snowing and roads are horrible, so I'm crossing my legs today.  Working from home, trying to finish up a couple knitting projects and odds and ends while I'm here.


Had my 38 wk appointment yesterday and I'll admit, I squeed a little when I saw I actually LOST 5 pounds since last week.  I have a feeling it's because I can't eat anything after 7PM anymore, because of the bad acid reflux when I lie down, even with acid reducers.  So Lunch has been my big meal and just munching on bland stuff in the evenings.


MW talked about doing a sweep next week.  I said go right ahead, but my cervix is up so high, I'm betting she won't be able to reach it well enough for a sweep.  Not going to turn it down, though.

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Kaitlyn-yay for you exam! That's awesome you were able to accomplish that while also being full term :)


nothing nothing nothing happening here. I have a meeting today at 4 that I am NOT excited about (its just going to be really boring) and I've been working from home this whole week so haven't had to drive to/from work and am not looking forward to that either. But at least it gives me a definite goal for the day and I have to prepare some things for the meeting so maybe that will keep me busy. Its still gorgeous here - about 40 degrees and sunny!!! outrageous for Chicago for January!! If I get my meeting stuff done, I'd like to take a walk again.


I'm feeling the pressure of other people's timelines a lot last night and today. I'm trying not to stress about it and I know I can refuse but I have this feeling my ob is going to press for a Friday induction if my fluid check isn't perfect tomorrow. My plan is to put him off until Monday but I don't know how hard he'll press and I've never had to push back much so I don't know how that'll go. My LMP due date isn't until tomorrow and that's what we've been going off the whole pregnancy but my u/s due date was 1/3 so by that I'm 41+1 and he said he "doesn't want to ignore the u/s due date". I think my stress is higher because I had been having "stuff" happening with some prodromal labor but now for 2 days-NOTHING! And dd is already getting the jealousy going-she got mad at me last night for putting baby clothes away instead of helping her get ready for bed (which dh was doing). She came into the baby's room and said "Why are you playing in here?" in this real mom voice. I felt so reprimanded, by my 4 year old! blush.gif


okay, well, here's hoping for good, productive days for all of you!!!

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Had a wonderful time looking at three beautiful babies at my last group session yesterday afternoon. There's only four of us who haven't delivered out of eleven. One is being induced this morning, another Friday, and myself and the remaining mama are just waitin'. Feeling kinda sprightly this morning...off to get the apartment in order before MIL arrives Saturday!


Hope everyone has a wonderful day :D

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Happy birthday, Chili!!


Congratulations, Kaitlyn!!  I'm so happy to read your good news!!  I bet the baby was just waiting for the exam to be over, because now you can relax.


Wombjuice - You sound like you're getting so close!!  Very exciting!


39+4 today... Had a midwife appt yesterday and we could hear the hb SO CLEARLY with the fetoscope!  It was amazing, we could even hear the wooshing of the blood in and out (whereas before we've only heard soft tic-toc beating).  Everything is great, measuring right on schedule, perfect blood pressure, etc. etc.  I got to try out the birthing stool one of the midwives has, and I think I'll definitely be spending some time on that sucker!  Hubby and I are in a good space right now, which makes me think that it'll help to move things along.  He's been a trooper, putting up with having my mom around for over a week now (and 2+ more to go!).


Baby's been moving LOW in the evenings and pressing her head or shoulder on a nerve that runs down the inside of my left leg.  The pain is SOOOO BAD when that happens, that it takes my breath away and leaves me paralyzed, holding on to a chair or counter for dear life.  Not fun, but my midwife says it's perfectly normal.


Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

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Congrats on passing your exam Kaitlyn!  Yay! 


No news to report here except that I've started losing my mucus plug in earnest.  I know it could still be weeks-- and pretty much expect it to be (I'm 39+4 right now, my first son was born at 41.5 weeks)-- but you know, still exciting to see *something* happening, right?  :)

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Hannabee - here's the online tutorial I'm using to make the diaper bag.  It's also messanger style.  I cut out all the pieces on Monday morning, then last night I started sewing and got the entire exterior done.  Should be able to finish it tonight (and I am only a novice sewer!)



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I forgot to mention that I finally had a cat breastfeeding dream (add me to the list!!).  It was a kitten, but it had the BIGGEST TEETH and I was horrified that I would have to bf it!!  What, me have breastfeeding anxiety?  Never!  orngbiggrin.gif

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So, I just found out my grandmother died this morning. She's been really sick for months and had been in an induced coma and on a ventilator for a week so its not a shock, per se but I kept thinking she'd pull through somehow. It makes me really sad, because we were planning on naming this baby after her anyways but I sort of wanted her to meet the baby and know that she'd have her name. My dh and I had talked about it and said that we'd really like to name the baby after her, even though jewish tradition (ashkenazi, at least) is to NOT name babies after living relatives but we decided it was important enough to us that we'd do it anyways. ugh, sorry for the downer, just needed to share...

Originally Posted by montessorimama1 View Post

I forgot to mention that I finally had a cat breastfeeding dream (add me to the list!!).  It was a kitten, but it had the BIGGEST TEETH and I was horrified that I would have to bf it!!  What, me have breastfeeding anxiety?  Never!  orngbiggrin.gif

i must have missed this...have people been having cat bf'ing dreams? that's funny. I never had those!

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oh biophd, i'm so sorry.  what sad news.  i imagine it must inflate the "bigness" of life right now, and make everything more intense.  sending my sympathies to you and your family.  naming your daughter after her will be especially poignant now.


and yeah, an earlier theme in conversations here in this group was dreams, and many, many of us had dreams of breastfeeding a cat.  (if you google it, it's actually a "thing.")  though i also remember that montessorimama had a propensity to dream about food.  ;)


again, very sorry about your grandmother.  hug.gif

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biophdmom - I'm sorry for your loss.  Losing those we love is never easy.

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also, cedar, where are youuuuuuuu?  thinking of you, mama friend.  i hope you're holding your baby! blowkiss.gif

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bio - so sorry about your grandma ): I am thinking of you..


On a lighter note; even my grandma is calling MY CELL PHONE asking "where is that baby!?" *shakes head* Any day now child..any day now..goodness. I remember when all the family first found out I was pregnant (they found out in an awful way..that time in my life was disasterous) everyone was rather upset and not disgusted..but not pleased. I couldn't say I was either though..not like I had dreams of being a single mom. But now..every one anxiously awaits this little one. I had to stand up for myself and convey you know what, I didn't plan for this to happen the way it did either, but it's a baby and you can't blame the baby for anything. They have no voice.


Whoops..kinda ranted on there..anyway..everyone is getting so antsy! This wait is rather torturous now!


ETA: I, for one, have not had any dreams about breastfeeding kitties. I'm just saying lol. But speaking of breastfeeding..I managed to snag a barely used double electric breast bump for 20 bucks today. Yay me (:

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bio - I'm also so sorry about your grandmother.  I'm sure she'd be honored to have her named passed on to your daughter.  I was very close with both of my grandmothers and I still miss them dearly even though it's been 17 yrs since they passed (both within 4 months of each other).  Thinking of you!  hug2.gif

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Aw biophd... sorry to hear about your grandmother.  My husband's grandmother has been very very ill throughout this pregnancy and we're heartbroken to think that she might go before getting to meet this baby.  I'm so sorry that you're actually going through that, and that she didn't get a chance to meet her little namesake.  Big hugs.


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