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Katie, I am so excited for you -- being a boymama is going to be even MORE special for you *because* you're bummed. You're going to be blindsided with a kind of love and joy you never thought possible smile.gif I NEVER wanted sons, always wanted a house full of daughters. I have two boys now, and I thank God every day that I didn't get my wish! I was actually hoping for a THIRD boy this time around! I'm sure you've heard it before, but there is just something about a boy and his mama. That's the honest truth.

NOT trying to downplay your feelings at all, because I know what that feels like totally. But you're gonna love it. Promise smile.gif
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You know Katie...I was like you, when I found out I was having a boy. "A boy!? Who the hell in my family has a BOY!?" - granted, my kids are the first grandkids in the family, so it's not like my generation had been "proven" girl givers or anything...but there are a LOT of women and very few men in our family going back generations. I was disappointed, didn't know what the hell I'd DO with a boy...had this idea in my head about what "boy" moms/families are like and I just didn't LIKE that idea!


Well, fast forward two years....my son is the light of my universe. There is nothing I needed to know, to be a "boy mom". I'm a mom. Of a boy. "Boy Mom". Easy.


It's EXACTLY like having a girl, in that every preconceived notion you have about who this kid is going to be and what they are going to need from you is either going to fall short or fall completely off the map of reality once they are here. A woman always wants to have a girl...it is our legacy to try and raise a young woman to know "our ways" to share our family secrets....to be the keepers of the womanly knowledge...the recipes, the birth stories, remembering who married who and what it was like and "what we ate on that terrible thanksgiving we had thirty years ago" - I don't know, there is something about us mothers, most of us want a girl...the same way a lot of men want a boy, someone to pour their memories and knowledge into.


But even if all you ever had was a boy, I promise, he will soak up your mothering and make you feel fulfilled. You can still tell him secrets, teach him to cook and be mindful of what;s going on with the family.


It's true, my DS is louder, messier, rougher and more boisterous than my DD...he likes hammers and trucks and all of these things that I never thought I'd have in my house, that he just seemed to ACHE for out of nowhere (seriously, we don't "do" gender toys here...we don't have TV, etc...he had NO exposure to the idea that he should like that, he just became OBSESSED with every passing truck, car, plane, etc) - but he is also 1,000% more sensitive than my DD. She is so fiercely independent...he needs me SO much more. He is my sweet little man...my snuggly, secret whispering little mamas boy who wants and needs me more than I ever imagined anyone would.


So don't worry, my sweet. You will love this boy of yours and his needs and desires will not feel foreign to you. For just as he is growing and blossoming into himself, you will be growing as his mother right along side him. All of his wants and needs, will become your intuition...I promise. You will be so surprised by your son...I was absolutely bowled over my mine. <3 <3



Another thing to consider....I know of and personally know, SOOOOO many couples who struggled like CRAZY with fertility issues for their first and then somehow practically spontaneously conceived subsequent babies. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you ended up with another baby soon after your first. I know multiple people in real life who have a first who took MANY years....and a second who is like, a year - year and a half younger than their first! One couple I know struggled so hard for their first (for like, TEN years) that they didn't expect a second and told themselves that was fine and just loved that new baby up. Yeah. Their DD was FOUR MONTHS OLD when they discovered they were pregnant with a second. So. You know. Don't give up on another. I know a lot of women who did....and who were surprised. hug2.gif


Congratulations on your son...it's gonna ROCK.

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Seconding what BroodyWoodsGal said, Katie, about the infertility issues. We have friends who tried for over two years, medicated, to get pregnant (the wife had a fairly bad case of PCOS). They finally did. Three months after giving birth to their son, despite breastfeeding, she was pregnant again! With a daughter!


I too was a little bit bummed that we're having a boy, simply because I don't know how to relate to little boys very well. My daughter is ALL girl and we have a blast together. So much like me as a kid too, massive imagination, bossy, and loves books. But I also remember my brothers' strong bond with our mom, and my husband's strong bond with his mom (he calls her almost every day!!!), and I know I'll always be the most special person to my son. I am looking forward to cultivating that special relationship.

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Katie - I know exactly how you feel. I was there 2.5 years ago when we were pregnant with our first. When I found out we were having a boy I was a little disappointed. I never thought I could relate to having a son. Like other women said, I always imagined having daughters. I never imagined having a son. Before we ever got pregnant I used to joke that if I had a boy I would just dress him up like a girl and pretend he was a girl (pretty much). Well fast forward to when he was born and till now and I LOVE having a son. He is definitely a mama's boy and is so sweet! We definitely share a special bond and I'm so glad he came along first (we now have a girl on the way). Once he was born I never felt the need to dress him up like a girl or pretend he was a girl (like I joked I would), and I actually got really into finding cute boy clothes. Being a mama to a boy is so special. 

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I am having a girl!  A sister for my daughter! My husband is elated!  Everyone spontaneously teared up, we feel so Blessed!


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I am so excited to say we are going to have a son!  I was feeling like some of you and hoping it would be a son because I had strong feelings about my 3-year-old being my only daughter, so this all worked out!  It was also what my gut had been telling me all along!

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Katie, I had that reaction when I found out our first is a girl.  I have four brothers.  I get along well with guys.  It threw me for a loop to think of raising a daughter.  And then I had FOUR more daughters!  Now I'm having a son and I'm thrilled because I always wanted at least one of each.  Boys are fun.  You just have to keep them from killing themselves with stupid stunts. ;)

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Just found out we're having a boy! Both of us were really surprised (we have one of each already) b/c girls tend to "run" on both sides. There's no mistake, though, little DS was poised like a frog in the womb and everything was obvious. :)


I agree that having a boy after a girl was a true delight, full of wonderful surprises and so fulfilling.


DD is expessing disappointment b/c she wants a baby sister and is at the stage where DS is learning to tease her, etc. I'm just letting her process, sure she'll change her tune. I told her to get it all out this month (!) and then we'll start helping her be more positive (gently!) in how she talks about her new little brother next month!

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Hallo mammas - we are having a baby BOY! 


His name will be Sean Christopher.


I am really exited, as I have a girl and a boy and I think my DS would love a little brother, my DD is too old to really give a dam!!!

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Congrats on all the girl and boy babies! 


We had our ultrasound yesterday, and although I'm hesitant to believe what the tech saw or didn't see (check out my thread here), it looks like we will be having another GIRL!  :)  I just never saw the three lines on the ultrasound that we saw for our two other girls and at first the tech said that she saw either swollen labia or a scrotum but no penis and we would take another look after doing some measurements.  When she took another look, she decided it was a girl for sure and said she's never been wrong in 16 years.  Guess I should believe her, but then why no three lines?

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We had the ultrasound today. All is well. Baby boy is fully developed for age and has no scary stuff going on. All the images looked good and they couldn't see any problems with the heart (which we were concerned about because of ds). We will of course monitor it closely once he is born but there is no reason right now why we can't have our homebirth.
My placenta is anterior across the front of my abdomen which is why I haven't been feeling consistent movement. No worries about movement though. The little guy was wiggling and flipping so much it took two hours to get the images they needed. (My tummy is sore from all the prodding). 
I was a bit teary to find out it is a boy. I was really hoping for a daughter, and I had *2* girl gender dreams - wishful thinking I suppose) But DS is overjoyed and it will be cool to be a mom of boys.  It is only fair I guess since every other recentish kid in both of our families have been girls.
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I'm having a girl!! It's a whole new world. lol.gif

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We're having a boy! No name yet - we agreed on a girl's name earlier but can't figure out a boy's name...thankfully we have some time! 

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Thank you so so much to those of you who responded to my initial worry about having a boy.  Your responses have really helped me to start thinking about it in a different (more positive) way!

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So excited to announce we are having a GIRL!! I have two older boys so was really hoping for a girl this time, and all of my intuition up until now said, so i'm super super psyched!! Also very excited that our baby is measuring a little big..i was nervous with the hyperemesis our baby was going to be small, but she's actually measuring half a week ahead :)


Oh! and her name will be Amelia Rose. I had a dream really early on and she came to me and said "I'm a girl. And my name is Amelia" really glad that all panned out

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Just found out that we're having a GIRL!

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We're having a boy! No name picked out yet though.

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We're having a boy! No name picked out yet though.

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I love your posts about having boys, thank you! I just found out that we're also having a boy, and even though I was sure I was from the beginning (dreams, and everyone who guessed thought so too), I'm secretly and guiltily disappointed. What do I know about boys? Nothing! They're foreign to me. My brother was really difficult, and I guess I wanted a chance to raise a girl the way I would have liked to be raised (I know, I know). And boy clothes are so horrible: "Daddy's Little Sports Thingy", and outfits like a finance jerk you get stuck talking to at a party... Seems like there are so many more non-pink but still cool girl clothes. I'm not even sure how you go about raising a boy. Although, my husband is the person closest to me in the world, so obviously I don't completely nut understand male humans...


I'm sure I won't care once I meet the little guy, but I'm a little stunned.

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Aliceland to add to that about the clothes thing - cute boy clothes are harder to find than girl clothes! I'm right there with you on hating "daddy's little sports..." -- there are a ton of sport themed clothing and then just dorky boring looking clothes. I personally found that Baby Gap and Mini Boden had the cutest boy clothes. Zutano is kind of cool too if you want to be more unisex. I found my groove with dressing my son when he was about 1 yr - but I did struggle with it for awhile b/c I hated all the sport themed clothing. Mini Boden is expensive so either would ebay it or waited till it went on sale. Baby Gap always goes on sale, and the boy stuff has a lot of pirate themed stuff which I really liked. 

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