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Changing Curricula mid-year without buying a whole new set

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My daughter and I are both having a hard time with our curricula at this point.  It is dry, and it takes a long time to work through because DD1 is bored (not because there isn't anything to learn it's just the activity is rarely varied) and resistant to "doing school".  I am biding my time until the school day is over.  This is causing trouble because I have to sit with DD1 during the entire school period to make sure she stays on task and does the work.  There is lots of tears.  I'm not getting my housework or WAH stuff completed.  It's awful.  We need something else.  I can't afford to buy a whole new curriculum mid-year.  I'm thinking of Ambleside in combo with what we have to vary things up a bit.  Has anyone had to do this before and has some experience?

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I'm in a similar boat - DD finished 1st grade last week and is asking to start 2nd grade now - I don't have the 2nd grade materials and no funds to buy them. 


Look into The Book Samaritan - they help families get materials when they can't afford them. Otherwise there are lots of free programs, you can get books through paperbackswap often, or put an ad on your local craigslist / home school list asking for low cost materials. 

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As someone who never used curriculum at that level anyway, I have to ask ... why not just move to a child-led life-learning, project-oriented approach for the rest of the year? My dd is at a 5th-7th grade level and is tiring of her current curriculum. So we had a discussion last week about what she's interested in learning. She's going to work on building a hydroponic window garden using recycled water bottles, and is eagerly engaged in learning about architecture ... building models with cardboard and paper maché, reading copious library books on the topic. She blogs and writes book reviews, she is doing enrichment math topics using khanacademy (free) on-line, watching documentaries on topics of interest. She's almost 9 and it is a very robust style of education even at her level. And it doesn't cost a cent ... except that we're probably going to have to buy a $20 aquarium pump for the hydroponic system. 



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You could look into all of the free resources on the web:  the kahn academy, starfall, and mosaic bringing up learners are a few off the top of my head that we've used.  And with all of the free resources at the library: books, classes, cds etc. I'm sure your child could find something to capture her interest.

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Thanks! I talked with some of the mothers at my homeschool group too.  Come to find out, we are probably overdoing it anyway.  There is so much to cover in the 1st year and this curriculum does it sooo slowly and the activities are rarely varied.  DD1 is sooo creative and bright.  But, it has been taking us 4 or more hours to get through school.  I've learned that is too much.  I just hate feeling like I have wasted money.  I also worry about making sure she learns to read and math.  But, I like the thought of her leading the way in what she would like to learn next.  I'm going to try that along with a few of the free online resources.  I just have to have the confidence that I can do it.  That I can be confident in making sure she has what she needs to learn the necessaries.  

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