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Placenta Pill Storage

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Does anyone know how long placenta pills can be refrigerated for? Everything I read says to freeze for long-term storage but nothing says when freezing should take place. My leftovers after my initial 2-week regimen have been refrigerated for 6-1/2 weeks. I just went to take a pill and noticed they smell gross. Does that mean they went bad? I totally noticed the smell after I ingested one. I hope I don't get sick. I should've been more vigilant and thrown them in the freezer earlier. eyesroll.gif

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I thought they smelled gross to begin with, so I'm not sure!  Mine are still in the fridge.....

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I left mine out... they've been out for 3ish weeks now.  How did I not know they should be refrigerated?!  They do smell bad, but they always did.  Hmmm...  maybe I shouldn't be taking them?

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I think if they were dried properly it should be fine, right?  

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Just called my mw and she said that it's no problem leaving them out indefinitely until they are gone.  No reason to refrigerate.  Thank goodness!

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That's interesting. The doula who encapsulated my placenta and everything I've read online says the pills need to be refrigerated or frozen.


I put them in the freezer anyway. I don't want to take any chances. I don't remember them smelling like anything when I first took them. This is a distinctly strong smell now, almost like smells I'd like to forget from my anatomy/physiology class in college. Yuck. If both of yours smell, though, I'm not going to worry about it. I'll still take them. smile.gif Placenta pills are priceless; don't want to get rid of them if I don't have to!

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I wonder if that's just to be super safe in case the placenta didn't get fully dried.  But I imagine if it's thoroughly dried it's just like any other dried supplement, which doesn't need to be refrigerated.  Anyway, I picked the bag out of the garbage this morning and took them.  If they're fine I certainly don't want to be wasting the remaining 10-15 pills... hey, that's like $10 worth!

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