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What week did you hear heartbeat at?

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I just was at the MW for a quick appt to check baby's heartbeat.. They haven't been able to find it yet with the doppler and I am just over 12 weeks. I did see it on ultrasound at 7 weeks and I haven't had any bleeding issues and belly is growing etc.. What week did you all hear baby on doppler? This is my 6th baby :)
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I don't know as I just hit 12 weeks today, but I think I heard it can take a couple weeks more.

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I would imagine it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy.

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I heard this one at 8 weeks... but last one I didn't hear at my 12 week checkup. Because I was worried, she had me come in a week later and we found it fine.

At 12 weeks baby is still somewhat small... but has learned to move. If you are looking for the heartbeat when baby is on the move, you could constantly miss it. I wouldn't worry too much yet, but if you're concerned I'm sure you can call and see if you can come in again in a week to check again.

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Am 14 weeks and midwife commented that we should be able to hear the heartbeat, but that made me think that there are some cases where you can't. (We did hear it at 11 weeks at home on a doppler we've borrowed from a friend. I insisted on hearing it right before I told my kids.)

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We heard it loud and clear on Monday, at 12w1d. But I think it's fairly common not to be able to at this stage, depending (probably) on the position of the baby, the placenta, etc.

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I heard it at 10 weeks, but it took a while to find it and we ended up switching for a stronger doppler to find it and it didn't last too long before the baby must have moved or something. I also had to lay down with my hands under my bottom pushing myself up in a strange position, which seemed to help. I wouldn't worry! I know it varies on a lot of things! Movement, weight, position of your uterus, etc. smile.gif I'm sure you'll be hearing it soon! 

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I saw my MW at 10 weeks and we didn't hear anything, but the doppler was "picking up" a faster heartbeat in there. I had unexplained bleeding at 11 weeks and have been able to see the baby's heartbeat (which has been a big relief). We have a doppler here at home and I've randomly tried a few times, to no avail. UNTIL this last Sunday - I put the doppler on and we heard a huge strong heartbeat immediately - 13w6d.

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At my 10 week appointment all we could get was my placenta.... I'll see my midwife again at 14 weeks.
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They couldn't get it at 9 weeks (though we did get an ultrasound that day) - but I had my 14 wk appt. yesterday and as soon as the midwife placed the doppler on my belly, there it was!

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I got my Doppler in the mail today and was able to hear both babies heartbeats at 11w6d. I think I heard both, anyway. 

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We saw ours on the ultrasound at 7 weeks and heard it for the first time at 13 weeks with the midwife's doppler. Even then, she warned us that we might not be able to hear it yet, but we did, albeit faintly.

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We saw it at 6 weeks on an ultrasound and heard it at 10 weeks.  

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With this one we heard just before I turned 14 weeks via doppler since we couldent hear it with the fetoscope.

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With our home doppler at 9weeks...

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My midwife found it at 10 weeks.  She said that she doesn't usually try at that time, but I promised her that I understood that all could be okay even if we didn't find it.  Per our 13 week ultrasound, they said that the placenta is laying across my back which is probably why they could easily find it and also why I've been feeling movement quite early. 

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I am not using a doppler, so I think we'll have to wait quite a while yet before we'll hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope.  I can't wait!

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MW couldn't find it at 10.5 weeks, but we did locate it at 11.5 weeks. :)

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We were pleasantly surprised to hear it at 9.5 weeks. With my first pregnancy we didn't even try to listen until 12 weeks.
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for #1 heard it at 9 weeks.  MW was a little surprised, but i'm thin, so she attributed it to that.

for #2 had first appt at 11 wks and heard it loud and clear.



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