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first month with OPKs...when do you think I ovulated?

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Hi all,


So this is my first month with real OPKS -- last month I used target's brand and they were useless. i'm pretty regular and usually think I O on CD 13 or 14 so you can see why this is confusing -- temp rise on same day as O? or would O be CD 15? my strongest OPK was 2pm on CD 14, but I had positive ones beginning at 2pm on CD 13.


is temp rise on the same day as O possible?  of course none of this make me feel any better b/c basically i was getting right anyway without the OPKs....thanks, C



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I'd say you O'd on CD 13 or 14.  Your temp rise makes it look like it was CD 13.  But your OPK and spotting make it look like it was on CD 14.  Either way, it looks like you had great timing!  Good luck!

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i say CD15, OPKs are made to predict the surge BEFORE ovulation, which means a positive OPK= will ovulate in 2-3 days.

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I'm still confused.  if its cd 15 -- our timing was off. i felt crampy in middle of the night CD 13 and  early hours of CD 14. and, this past month my period arrived in the middle of the night so really day one was dec. 27.  


Here's my updated chart:



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I still think it was CD15, a positive OPK is based on the hormone need to help get the egg out. ovulation cramping just means the egg was released, then hangs out for 1-3 days, then will be "absorbed" if it is not fertilized.


So average scenario: get at positive OPK (day 1), egg is released the next day (day 2), hangs out for 24 hrs (day 3) and then "absorbs".


OPKs just test the hormone, not actual ovulation. Regardless of using OPK's, it's always a possibility to become pregnant whenever having unprotected sex, that's why doctors will recommend BD every other day smile.gif


According to my positive OPK yesterday morning, I should ovulate between 10am-10am (today), then my egg will wait a bit to be fertilized, I'm going to BD tomorrow morning (1am-ish) for added measure, you should do the same :)

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Hmmm well your temp went back down again on CD 16 so now I think that either CD 16 or TODAY was O day.  It will be hard to determine until you get some more temps.  I had very little success with OPKs to determine my O date.  I kept getting mixed results, so I don't put much thought into those anymore.  I think CM and your temp are the two major components to go by.  Good luck!  And try and BD today!!! :)

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hmmm...maybe...but ewcm dried up quickly on cd 15. i sleep  with the windows open and we went from 75 degree weather to 40...so i think ambient temp may have something to do with the temp the last two mornings and though i took and retook it,i  never got above my coverline which is usually 97.4 or 97.5...but i also woke up cold today even with the windows shut -- i don't have real heat here only a fireplace and no wood cut -- a whole other problem! lol!  -- df went out of town for work yesterday so you can see why i would like it to be cd14...



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Yes, that big outside temp change would definitely affect your temps if you have the windows open.  I hope you get your BFP in a couple weeks!

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