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Hello Mamas or Mamas to be soon :)


There are so many things to think about while you are pregnant.

You may be worried or excited, feeling emotional and nervous at times....


One of the good ways to feel relaxed & happy is to turn your attention to arts & crafts.

Jewelry making & beading  is so much fun. They say when you make something with your hands it's gratifying & it makes you feel happy.

That's the most important during pregnancy or after, when you are spending time with your children.


I am an Artist & Jewelry Designer. I discovered it is my passion to create beautiful pieces of jewelry & beadwork. It can be very relaxing & satisfying to hold  colorful beads in your hands, feeling different shapes & combining them into a beautiful piece of jewelry.


The end Result is an Awesome Piece of Art, that you can wear and receive many complements  ..... :)


I recently published a book, filled with  simple to more advanced projects on Jewelry making.

You can learn many different techniques, such as basic stringing, wire wrapping, sculpting, mosaics, beadweaving, knotting  and more. 

I hope,  once you see the projects in the book your inspiration will go wild...


here is a preview with several pictures from the book:


If you'd like a signed copy of the book, please e-mail me directly

or visit my web sites  for inspiration.


Wishing you a happy pregnancy & motherhood 

with Love,



Svetlana Kunina

Artist, Designer, Educator