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Baby List

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If you could make a list of  what you think a baby needs what would your list look like. Realistic amounts of onesies, cloth diapers etc. I have a tub full of baby clothes, but I dont want to hang on to ALL of this, I know a newborn wont need all of it, plus it makes for too much laundry! I would like to donate some. I am organizer and thrive with lists.


So what is your list for baby?

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Well, it depends on how often you like doing laundry. I'm the type of person who would rather do smaller loads more frequently than have massive amounts of clothes and doing large loads. I think I would find 10 to be more than enough for me -- some might prefer more though. 


Cloth diapers... hmmm. I cloth diapered my daughter and then stopped after she grew out of her newborn sizes (I lived in Russia and then the Middle East and they were just too expensive to get a hold of...) and that was so long ago that I'm a little cloudy on how many I had. I do remember it wasn't enough. I'm guessing I had about 10 to 15 fitted cloth diapers and a few covers. The covers were more than enough, but I was going through diapers a lot, so I ended up having to use disposables often. 

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I use silk/wool onesies and they only need to be washed when they're soiled - so I have 3 of them to rotate while the other one's are being air-dried. I love it and it's so much easier! We did do gowns for night-time (and most of the time during the day) for easy changing and I have 4 or 5 of those.


Cloth diapers - I was told (and thought it was good advice for DS) that newborns need to be changed every 1-2 hours and you should have at least 12 diapers if you're planning on doing laundry every day in the beginning before it slows down. At least 3-4 covers. I had flats, fitted and all-in-ones that fit, so I had about 20 diapers (but I had a big baby - 10# - so the OS AIO fit pretty early on). I am going to purchase more newborn fitteds, just because we had issues with the regular infant diapers hitting his umbilical cord and making it bleed. :(


DH just bought me a new Storchy wrap, and I'm in love with it. DS loves being on my back and I can't wait to put the new LO in it too!

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Doing clothing laundry once a week:

10 onesies
10 sleepers
2-4 outfits
2-4 rompers
10 baby socks

That is for the little ones with lots of leakage wink1.gif I have way more than that, but I am slowly paring it down.

Cloth diapers doing laundry every other day
30 diapers
7 covers (I had 5 with my first and they would get poop on them a lot)
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First off I LOVE the idea of the wool onesie! This is going on my list orngbiggrin.gif

Wool Diaper Covers: 6
Cotton/Bamboo contour diapers: 25-30
Raw Silk Stay Dry Layer: 25-30
Wool Onesie: 6
Baby Leggings: 4-6 pair
Cloth Wipes: 50-60

I plan to knit/sew all the above, I better order the yarn/fabric!

Baby Carrier: minimum 1
Socks: 3,000 not really but they are always getting lost, so a bunch

That's all I can think of right now...
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Well, we are all having summer babies, so clothing is simple!  I'll probably get 10 sleepers/rompers, a few t-shirts (not a onesie person), 2 woolens for colder nights in the mountains and some knitted booties and hats.  We will most likely wash every other day or so.  DD wasn't a messy baby...no diapers leaking or anything like that. So i'm *hoping* this one will be a clean kiddo too! 


Cloth diapers: 24-30 is what I'm planning on making.  Probably buy 5 covers.  I'm not sure how many wipes I'll make.  I think with my first we had about 40-50?  


I only need a wrap for the first few months, which I already have. Then I switch to the Ergo and the pouch after month 6 or so.  Have that too.  


That's really IT! 

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For anyone interested in wool/silk onesies - I order all of mine through greenmountainorganics.com. Michelle also runs a mothers group called greentaramama on yahoo and she does do regular Ruskovilla wool sales (which is when I buy). It's nice to buy from a small WAHM with awesome customer service and advice!


Oh, baby will also be wearing his/her Padraig slippers. Someone bought these for me as a baby present and I now buy them for every new baby. The best possible bootie/slipper (that stays on), made from a sheep farmer and BEAUTIFUL!


I'm definitely interested in the Raw Silk liners. Where do you buy this material from and do you basically just sew a rectangle?! (Sorry if I'm asking questions that we could possibly put in a different thread). I bought all of my diapers for DS, and I've taught myself to sew over the past year. Therefore, I'm definitely interested in making as much as possible for this LO! Also, what are contour diapers? Are those fitteds or prefolds (flats)?


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I'll start a Cloth Diaper thread so we don't over take this one innocent.gif

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