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We have tried on and off to do a bit of late EC with our DD since she was about 8m old (now almost a year).  But it is tricky, since the only way it seems to work is to let her go diaper free (a problem since MIL who watches her during the day won't do that), and in addition, she really really loves playing with and disassembling her potty (on of the Bjorn ones that comes in two pieces).  She likes to take it apart and turn both pieces upside down and scatter them around the room.  So if she starts to squat as a signal that she is about to go, I can't reassemble the potty in time to get her on it.  And she just can't stand to let it stay assembled at any time - any time I reassemble it, she has to immediately go and take it apart.  Has anyone else had this kind of behavior?  If so, how did you manage?  Should I just give up on the baby potty and try to hold her over the adult potty?  What do you guys think?


Also, if there is anyone else out there that tried starting EC late and could only do it part time, but still had some success, I'd love to hear about your experience - we have gotten some "catches," since timing used to work pretty well, but now even that she is signing, she hasn't caught on to cuing or signing potty (yet).   So if anyone has general tips for this at her age with PT ECing, I'd be grateful for those as well!


Thanks for reading my post!