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Crafty Valentine's Day

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Every year my husband and I exchange handmade Valentines. I need to start thinking of this year's design. I've been getting back into embroidery, so I may do a fabric one this year - maybe a red felt heart with a white running stitch on the border, with a phrase stitched  in the center. And I want to make one for my son too - his very first Valentine. 


I like to decorate the house too. Last year I made some plant stakes with bamboo skewers and some heart-shaped die cuts from a Martha Stewart Christmas kit thing I got on deep clearance a few years ago (like ten cents or something). And I've got a wooden "Love" sign that is glittered with red glitter. And I put red ribbons on the candle holders. Oh, and last year I made a "Be Mine" garland too. I need to think of something to make for this year. 


What do you do for Valentine's Day? 

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Oooh, oooh, subbing! I want to make a garland of some sort this year, guess I'd better get on that. I think I have everything I need already. One tradition we have, not just for Valentines Day, is special mugs. We have a bunch we bring out for different holidays/seasons, including Valentines Day. Makes his morning coffee and my tea fun!

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Subbing!  I am eager to get crafting for Valentines' Day but I can't seem to find any inspiration yet.  I love the ideas in here so far!

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We make homemade cards as well.


I'm thinking of doing some of these http://pinterest.com/pin/222506037809524302/





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Those cameo cards are pretty awesome!

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I like them a lot too... just have to find time to make them! I'm also thinking of making some cherry truffles since homemade ones tend to taste a little better.

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