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Finally saying hello!

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Hi, I've lurked on here forever but I finally made time to say hello! I love all the information I get from mothering.com and this forum! 


I am a mother to 4 wonderful kids, oldest son is 8, then we have 4 yr old B/G twins, and our youngest is 17 months (and still nursing strong!). Even though we don't plan on having any more kids I still enjoy researching childbirth and breastfeeding information, mainly because I think if we don't keep natural childbirth and breastfeeding out in the open it will slowly slip away. I want to do my part in educating and informing other families that there are other options besides a doped up hospital birth and formula. I want to become a lactation counselor and possibly a doula. I just need to find the time and extra money!


I recently started a breastfeeding support group for the area that I live because the closest LLL meeting is about an hour away. I'm very happy with the way its going and I'm hoping it will only get better. Here's a link to my blog I started to keep families updated on the meetings and to help them find breastfeeding information. All constructive criticism is welcome! smile.gif






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welcome to MDC!

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