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your breastfeeding story...

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Hi all!


I'm on my second kid - I fought, hard, to breastfeed the first and succeeded partially (he did nurse till 2, but I don't know how much was me and how much was formula), and the second is going gangbusters, almost no problems at all.  Now I'm seeing lots of questions and struggles from other moms I know, and I know how helpful it was to see everyone's tales (of woe or of triumph) all along the way.


I thought it would be really cool to have a place where women could share their stories, so I put together a little submission-based tumblr.  As of right now it's just my own personal story, and I thought some of the moms here might have a nursing adventure to share.


Here's the link: http://nursingadventures.com




PS - Please note - this is not for personal gain.  There are no ads and I'm doing nothing other than posting submissions.  Hopefully this is cool to post here.

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Thats a very nice idea.  

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That's great! I have also fought HARD to sucessfully breastfeed my son (my first) and we are at 11 months now and finally not having any problems. A good friend of mine who is a doula recently encouraged me to write my story for the same reason, so I am working on that. I was wondering where to share it though, and this looks like a perfect place. Hopefully I will get it finished and on there some day soon!



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