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When will you start seeing your homebirth midwife?

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For those of us who will be using a homebirth midwife...


when will you be making your first appointmet/meeting with them?


I'm a little torn.  I was going to call earlier this week, but I'm sick and my voice sounds ridiculous.. now that I'm slightly better, I'm not sure.


I mean, I want to call soon, but then I start thinking I'm only 4 weeks, it's too early.... not sure.  What are you all doing?  


The midwife I'm planning to use is a pretty hands-off m/w from what I hear and likely won't do much until 12-15wks or so... but I guess I'd like to just stick my foot in the door.. if that even makes sense, lol!

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I'm debating when to call too.  I used a home birth midwife last go round.  I'm considering interviewing another one, though in the end I'm pretty likely to go with the one from last time.  I can't decide who to call, or what to say.  I want to get the current fee schedule from my old midwife, but I feel weird calling and asking for it.  I think I'll bite the bullet and make a couple of calls soon.

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I'm hoping to use a homebirth midwife this time around and i have been emailing her all week about questions and setting up an appt (just like a consultation first). I figure it's best to catch her soon because she is the only CNM around and i don't want her to get booked before i get there! Good luck ladies!

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I e-mailed the homebirth midwife I thought I'd use the day after testing positive, but she's not taking clients for September. I have a consultation tomorrow with another- she's a bit out of the way but she's very experienced, highly recommended, and if we really click I think the drive for appointments will be worth it. Not sure when the first actual appointment would be, but I didn't want to risk her calendar filling up!

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I interviewed 3 MWs (one hospital and 2 home) while we were TTC and I've got an interview with another next week.  I've also left messages for another but I haven't heard back from her yet.  I don't think I'd have a regular appointment until probably 8-10 weeks, but I'm worried about them getting booked.  Hopefully we can decide who we're going with by late next week.

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Planning on my first appointment around 8-10 weeks.
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Last time around I interviewed a few Midwives at 5 weeks ish.  Then I met with the one that we choose at 6.5 weeks for history and to talk and get to know each other, our first real appointment was at 11 weeks.  We ended up loosing that pregnancy, so this time I emailed her when we started trying and then again when I got a + test.  I am not sure when I will see her.  I am doing concurrent care with an OB in the beginning due to my loss.

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I'm not sure. I was so excited last time I was pregnant and message my midwife (on FB) right away... and then lost that baby at eight weeks. My midwife was an excellent resource during that time though.


I think I'll send her a message right now... just because I want to be sure to get her (not sure she's in high demand or such, but I want to be with her! She was there for dd4 and I think she's amazing).


I'm terrified it will somehow jinx things though.

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Originally Posted by judybean View Post


I'm terrified it will somehow jinx things though.

You know I have been avoiding the Introductions thread for that same reason? I bet that could be a thread unto itself- the things we do (or don't do) to avoid 'jinxing it'.


I had my consultation today, and it lasted three hours. Three hours. Granted, the midwife is talkative and I had the usual battery of questions, but what a difference. She said she liked to start care as soon as possible so that there's support in place if anything comes up. It kills me to think about the possibility, but I think I would want that in place. Plus, in my case, I do want to be able to talk about the pregnancy in general. Right now my husband is the only other person who knows about it, and I don't think it's 'real' to him yet.. He'll be great when it is, but right now he's not the ideal sounding board.

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My midwife is the second person I told right after my husband!  I peed on the stick, called him into the bathroom - told him and then ran to the phone to call her.  Midwives here fill up so incredibly quickly though (they paid for by government but we only have 8 in the whole city) as it is she just barely had a spot for me.  Phew!


She won't actually see me until March (so about 12 or 13 weeks) as she is pretty hands off. 

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With my first two, I called quick, both because I wanted that support and because I wanted to book her! I wasn't sorry, though this time, in a new city, I think I'm going to take my time before I start interviewing. I'm thinking around 12 weeks I'll make the calls.

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I am so happy because i get to have the same home birth midwife that helped bring my DD into the world. She is amazing. I have my first appointment in just a little over a week from now!

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I got an e-mail back from my midwife and I'm officially a client again! I don't think our first appointment will be until 11 weeks or so, unless there are some first trimester issues I want to see them about.

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I met my midwife (who is also a doula) from my first birth when she came to my house to check help my doula check my cervix before we made the trip to the hospital. I then ended up being a student doula under her. So I was able to attend a handful of births with her and become close. She was one of the first people I told after family! :)


My first appointment isn't until Feb. 29th though....so so excited!

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I used a home birth midwife with my last birth but will likely use a different one this time.  Not sure when to let her know, as she's really the only other home birth mw available around here.  

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I had to jump on getting a midwife immediately so I would actually get one. Luckily I did and my first appointment will be at about 8.5 weeks.

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