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lactomom - thanks again for helping a mama out! :)


http://greenmountaindiapers.com/diapers.htm#workhorse - I definitely am ALL DONE with my newborn diapers now! I'm going to try to make a few, for sure, but these GMD workhorse diapers look awesome and at $4.95 each, they're definitely a good price point! We ended up with GMD, Sandy's XS bamboo, a few Kissaluvs, a pack of newborn Organic cotton prefolds, Bummis TiniFit AIO's, a couple Grovia organic cotton NB AIOs, 2 TinyTush wool soakers, Little Beetle wool covers and a few other NB sized covers. I either had coupons or got everything basically on sale (took a lot of researching, but I did it)! I'm really happy with our stash and still looking forward to being DIY with diaper making (without as much pressure) and knitting some wool covers!

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Your welcome WendyJo410 =-)


I finished my first Little Bean Bum OS Fitted Pocket Diaper this morning. It won't fit the newborn covers I'm working on (Darling Diapers Unlimited). However, it should fit small to Large or XL!


Right sides together and the front opening hemmed.


Elastic in...


Turned and elastic encased. This the fully open, large.


Large folded


Front folded in to make it a small.


Small folded...


The front opening for adding layers to increase absorbency and/or adjust size.

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joanns had a big sale on flannel over the weekend so i am busy making soakers for the ddu tiny nb size.


i picked up a half yd of the babyville pul while there. it washed up nicely.gonna make some momma fluff with it.

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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

joanns had a big sale on flannel over the weekend so i am busy making soakers for the ddu tiny nb size.


i picked up a half yd of the babyville pul while there. it washed up nicely.gonna make some momma fluff with it.

Sounds like you are busy sewing too orngbiggrin.gif
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I was working on my registry and noticed that our local baby store has some Imse Vimse covers on clearance. I have no idea if this is that great a price, but I have been seeing that people like these, so wanted to tip folks off in case anyone here uses them. http://www.thelittleseedling.com/store/category/1072/236/Diapering/

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So... We registered for bumGenius AIOs and were getting pretty excited about cloth diapering. However, I have started to shop around for daycares (daunting in and of itself since this is my first child and I have no idea how these things work), and it is quickly becoming clear that it's going to be tough finding one that will use cloth diapers around here. Bummer, since I had seen so many posts saying "my care provider was sold once I showed her how easy they are now" and such; I guess I just assumed it would work out somehow. I just spoke with a large national chain that has a facility right near my office, and she said they are not "allowed" to CD. I have since learned that's not strictly true in MI, but the regs are not exactly CD-friendly either. I can sort of see why they would make the rule, and if all the local centers get together and say "that's the rule" then I guess I don't really have much choice. I have two more centers to speak to right now. One is a large local center and one seems to be more of an in-home situation, so we'll see.


I'm not sure I want to hang myself on this issue either; DH works in a larger more crunchy nearby town that probably has more options for this, and I could probably persuade him to be the one who takes her to care and picks her up, but that doesn't seem all that fair to me because often he works longer hours than I do. If I were to take her down there and then drive back up to the office, it would be about 45 minutes of extra driving all told, and rush hour traffic is pretty bad, so that just seems like a silly hassle. If it comes to that it would probably be better just to use disposables, but that would be disappointing since we've gotten into the cloth mindset.


I guess this is a whole 'nother topic, but does anyone here use a nanny? I don't think we can afford one, but I guess I could look into it. Are providers who come to your home typically willing to work with cloth diapers, or is that going to depend on the person?

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Ooh, how did I miss this thread?  I have been totally obsessing over cd'ing the last couple weeks.  I gave away my whole stash when my third son potty trained three years ago, so I figured I was going to have to start from scratch.  But two of my friends have returned what I gave them, so at least I have something!  Nothing in newborn or smalls, though -- I must have sold all those to buy the next size. :(  I know I had some cute fitteds at one point, though nothing girly.  I do have six small prefolds that are in great shape.  Everything else was too worn out to keep for anything but dusting.  I got a bunch of Fuzzi Bunz mediums back -- and some of these are VINTAGE, mamas.  When I see 3yo used FBs labeled "old school," I have to laugh -- mine are from 2003!


After three kids in cloth, I think I know what I want this time around, but I'm having trouble finding it!! I'm clearly too picky... My ideal diaper system is org cotton/bamboo velour fitteds, side-snapping, hidden snaps, attached (not snap-in or stuffed) but loose soaker w/ stay-dry top (my second son was SO sensitive, all I could use were FBs on him!), and wool covers -- wraps, shorties and longies.  I'm not crazy about pulling off soakers with newborn bf poops, so I knitted my first wool wrap this week! This pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-seedling-soaker


I found this sewing pattern, which I think I could make into EXACTLY what I want.  I'm just wondering how expensive that fancy velour fabric is going to be, plus the snap pliers, etc....   http://hyenacart.com/LittleMonkeysStitchnSpin/mt/3524/19001/Monkey-Folds-Fitted-A-Fitted-Diaper-and-Cover-


And I am dying to make this skirty, but I need to dye some yarn first...  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/juliette-2

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Btw, it's not too late to join the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, if you haven't already!  Anyone been hunting?



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