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New pair of birkenstocks at a close out sale for $10.


Got DH a suit by some fancy italian designer (can't remember the name) for $15 bucks at Goodwill.  Googled it, a new one would have cost around $800. 

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Holy awesome!  I don't know... I might sell it if I needed the money... or keep it and use it then sell for more than you paid.  Obviously you'll be able to.

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We have a Rainbow System play area in our backyard. The whole thing- 2 story play area, 2 swings, a rope swing, slide etc. A friend of my brother's had one that was old but it needed to be moved. We gave $250 cash and took it down, picked it up and brought it to our home and asembled  again.

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Awesome!  DD1 has always wanted one of those.  She said she'll never out grow the need for a swing set... eh... I hope she does since I doubt I'll find a deal that good.

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Originally Posted by Deir View Post

Just got on MDC to shout out! No one is home for me to tell! LOL


I just scored a Emmalijunga pram stroller at a Thrift store for 4.00. I think they must have thought it was an old ancient coach becasue it looks different than teh average Graco!  It is in great shape! I looked on Ebay and there is another used one of this model selling for 350.00!!!!


I am so excited!! I need it but I'm wondering if I should just try to sell it?

Clean it up, use and enjoy AND then sell!  It will probably be worth even more in a few years winky.gif


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Several years ago we happened across an old cabinet grand piano at a thrift store for $35. Upon bringing the piano home we discovered the piano was a Baldwin and further research revealed the piano was manufactured in 1918. After a bit of restoration work our $35 gamble proved to be quite the find. 

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My mom just found a wooden easel for $2 at a yard sale and sanded it down and cleaned it up for my middle daughter for Christmas.  It's worth more than $75 retail.


She and I found a set of vintage pyrex nesting bowls from 1971 at a yard sale for $15.  They sell on Ebay for $150 some places.  She bought them for me for christmas.  I absolutely LOVE them.


I found a hotsling a few years ago for $1.99 at a thrift store and resold it for $25.


Jogging stroller at a yardsale for $10 which retails for $250.


I've found countless pairs of Aeropostale jeans for my oldest daughter and American Eagle hoodies and things like that for less than $4 per item.


I've gotten Hanna Andersson dresses for $2-3 for my kids over the years, etc. 




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When I got married I registered for lots of dishes and cooking items and totally underestimated how much cupboard I would need.  DH and I needed a china hutch.  Looked on craigslist and found one for $75.  Great one in beautiful condition.  Went to school to get the school pickup to get it and the maintenance man said the principal was moving and wanted to get rid of a hutch, table with chairs, and a buffet.  We ended up getting a beautiful china hutch, 10 person table with 6 chairs (all good upholstery covered in plastic so they won't get dirty), and a 6 foot buffet with more cupboard space - all for $75 since the principal didn't have space for it in the apartment they were moving to and just wanted to get rid of it.

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I have gotten many, many expensive items for close to free.  Especially baby/toddler clothes, lots of European labels for 95% off retail at thrift stores.  BUT the best find ever was a 1980s woman's Yves Saint Laurent leather and lamb's wool bomber jacket --- was worth 1000s.  Sold it to a consignment shop for $150.  It was too big for me :(


I love thrifting!!


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