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miralax...is there a more natural alternative?

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Doc suggested I give my 8 mo old Miralax to help soften her stools. She's been pretty constipated for about a month now. I've increased breastfeeding, given her a bottle of water, pear juice, increase the fiber in her diet, etc. and nothing seems to be helping. I don't give her bananas and I make sure she gets a good amount of fruit and veggies in every day. I looked at the ingredients though and it contains Polyethelene Glycol 3350. I don't have a clue what that is and prefer not to give it to her for 4-6 weeks straight like the doc suggested. Do prunes work pretty well? I haven't tried it yet because it seems like such a harsh one(I know when I eat prunes I get gassy and almost diarrhea). Please help!

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My oldest (now 8yo) was constipated when he was about 8mo old and prunes worked great!  They are watered down so they are not as harsh.  I gave them at lunch time i believe so that they would work before bedtime and they did.  I always keep 1 or 2 jars handy just in case.  Good luck!

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I'm a first-time mom and may be having some poop issues with my 7.5 mo old DD so I had a couple of questions for both posters...

@ Mrs.Bone: How long did your DD go w/o pooping before you got concerned and then talked to your doctor?

@ montanamom: I assume you chopped or ground the prunes up? Or do they come as baby food? (We started solids a little over a month ago, so I've really only grabbed the squash & sweet potato - otherwise her food has just come off our plates - avocados, mushed carrots, etc.).


It's only been 24-hours so I'm trying not to have a classic 1st timer freak out, but she's normally so regular...

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prunes come in baby food. usually just stage 2.  i only use about a quarter to a third of the jar and mix it up with applesauce or something a little sweet for them.  actually just did it this morning!  an hour later my ds pooped!  my ds usually goes about 3x per day...nothing yesterday so gave him the prunes and it worked its magic!

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Polyethelene Glycol 3350 isn't absorbed. It uses osmosis to bring water from outside the colon to inside. There is no chemical reaction going on, it a physical reaction. You are basically doing the same thing with the fruit juice but Miralax is way more effective because the balance is more precise. 


Fiberous stuff like prunes and Senna work by holding moisture in the the colon but if there's a blockage ahead of where the fiber is sitting it can't really help. 



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Masel is totally right, there is really nothing like Miralax. I tried everything with my son EVERYTHING, but nothing really worked like Miralax. Chances are that once you clear her out and everything is moving well after 4 weeks, you can just feed her regularly with a little extra fiber and things will go better.

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