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Suddenly stressed!

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I started out pretty lax about this.. for some reason, I'm super stressed today.


I think it started with a friend of mine posting about her 3D ultrasound on FB.  I haven't even announced my pregnancy, and that got me to thinking what *could* possibly happen, remembering my previous losses.. I just feel like a wreck.  


I'm going to Medicaid to get everything straightened out tomorrow.  The backup hospital midwives I'll use take it.. and I kind of want an ultrasound around 6 or 7 weeks.  I feel like telling them that my cycles are irregular, and having one for "dating purposes".  I just want peace of mind, I guess?  But I know losses happen later than that, and I know that having an ultrasound is not going to change whatever the fate of this pregnancy is.


I'm suddenly worried about betas.. progersterone... I'm just freaked out a little.  And I currently  have no insurance, and no way will I go to the ER just for a beta draw!  


Why do I suddenly feel like micromanaging everything?!  Someone just tell me it's going to be okay, regardless of the outcome.  I'm losing it already!


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Control what you can (Medicaid, etc). That might help you to feel like you're taking control of the situation and doing what you can. It's easier said than done for me to just say, "Hey! Don't worry!" ... I totally get worrying though. After any loss, things just aren't the same. I know they're not for me anyway. I suffered my first pregnancy loss (at eight weeks) this past end of August/early September. It's hard not to worry after losing.


Do what you can to keep your mind engaged on other things. Spend extra playing time with your daughters, read a book, indulge in an online game if your mind is wandering late at night... That's what I'm going to try to do for the next two weeks (I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to breathe after I pass eight weeks?). ((hugs))

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Thank you Judy!  It does help.  And maybe I should pay addictinggames a visit :)

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haha.. darn that site anyway ;) Full of mind-numbing stuff to turn you into a non-thinking zombie -- which is the PERFECT answer! lol!

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WCM, I'm with you! I've never even had a loss and I'm still a ball of worry and "what-ifs." I think it's because knowing that profound disappointment COULD be around the corner for us is a serious elephant in the room that's hard to ignore. Regardless, the overwhelming odds are that these pregnancies WILL work out. And if they don't, we WILL be okay. Hugs. 

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Another time waster is http://www.omgpop.com

Not that I would know anything about that.... blush.gif

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Thanks everyone!


Off to waste some more time..!

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