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To anyone recently certified in Lamaze, from what I can tell, the 2011 study guide is available online only, and it's pricey to boot.  I'm not really good at reading a text on a computer screen (or Kindle or anything like it), so I tried searching for a used copy of the 2006 study guide, but got no results.  It also looks like if you sign up for a seminar with another group, you can pay a base fee which includes a study guide and a discounted Lamaze membership.  Can any of you speak to this or just give me some BTDT info?  I've been dabbling in wanting to do this for a while, but every time I start to look into it, I get overwhelmed by the amount of information...and the cost!  FWIW, I'm a postpartum RN, so I'd be doing the pathway #2.  Thanks!