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Working from Home...advice??

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What did I get myself into!!! It's 1am and I just finally finished my work for the day because there was NO other time to do it when kids weren't climbing on me (and even still I have a newborn on my chest and can hardly reach the keyboard!


I had "8 hours" (took way longer than that) this week and "8 hours" next week to work from home...trying to help fund my maternity leave. I go back to the office on the 24th, though, I do occasionally work from home when my kids are sick etc.


I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 month old. The work I am doing is entirely computer based - though it actually just occured to me since I have a laptop I can really do it anywhere with internet...maybe I should just go to my mom's house and let the kids play with their aunt and uncle LOL


But in all seriousness...any suggestions on how to get things done on the computer with kids around? I really don't want to be up until 1am working every night next week! Also my boss doesn't seem happy that I am not responding to email and such during the day.

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I can't imagine trying to get work done from home while tending to three kids that young, at one month postpartum. I did some working from home with DS. By the time he was nine months or so, I could only get stuff accomplished during his naptime. Now that he's four, I might possibly be able to do some work, but only if it didn't require huge amounts of concentration.

Where are your older kids when you're at the office? Are you trying to save on daycare costs now? My only advice would be to ask your mom to watch your two older kids while you keep the newborn with you.

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It is very difficult to do without childcare. If I don't have someone watching the kids then I stay up way too late working. I don't work that much either, I'm supposed to do 7 hours a week, but that doesn't always happen because of the 4 kids, one is a baby as well. Good luck! I do check my email often through out the day, I always do while nursing, so I can at least respond to my boss somewhat quickly.  

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That's what I was afraid of lol...I remember from being in school how hard that was, though a lot of times I would end up having the kids in daycare and just leaving them there longer. I am trying to save on daycare costs right now..I couldn't quite afford 6 weeks of leave (3 unpaid) but my office has a policy that if you go on leave for birth of a baby you can not return without doctor clearance - I'm cleared for the 24th of this month. My mom is in school/working most of the time, but, I probably could get some help in the afternoons. I think I'm just frustrated to be spending the end of my maternity leave working soooooooooo much!


I did finally tell my boss to email me on my personal email because I can get that on my phone and check it more often, so that is helping. I had invisioned nursing and using the computer, but, we are having some issues with nursing/feeding so I'm not able to do that. I guess I just feel like I'm cheating my other kids!

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I've done a lot of WFH and gotta say I agree with the others...what you're doing is both admirable and next to impossible.  I would definitely see if you can get care for the older ones (or work from your parents if your siblings are willing to help).  Handling the baby and work is plenty...and don't forget you need to take care of yourself, you're really recently PP and gearing up to be back at the office very soon. 



A little child care help will also likely be an investment in your career and your ability to get future WFH requests approved, as your boss sees you as productive and serious about your work during this time.



Congrats on your new little one!

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