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Here is a deal for an Ooma:




We bought our Ooma through Costco a few years ago and LOVE it!!!! We only paid for the Ooma itself; used it for a month to test it out, and then canceled our landline. No more phone bill! Paid for itself in 8 months for us because we had dropped all optional services and were paying the phone company $20-22 a month.


Just recently, we have had to start paying the $3.47/month in government fees to Ooma.


We have purchased other items through Woot and have had good experiences.


* I don't work for any of the companies mentioned nor would I benefit in any way. Just a happy customer! *

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Forgot to mention Woot is a deal a day site and this is good from midnight to midnight on January 13 (or whenever it sells out).

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