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January 13th Check In

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Don't know if the above video showed up or not...hope so, I figured we could all use a laugh right now!


FYI- I tried dancing with my son in the kitchen the other day and about died.  My god that hurt.  This momma in the video rocks...I'm exhausted watching her!!


Anyone going to have a lucky Friday the 13th??

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that was fabulous!  she's pretty inspirational.


happy friday the 13th, everyone!  my DH and i started dating on a friday the 13th sixteen years ago- we've always regarded those as lucky days.  i hope it's lucky for some of us!


goodnight! sleepytime.gif

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I saw that a few weeks ago. It's awesome. And she does that with twins!


I saw this one a couple days ago. It's amazing, I wish I could move this when I'm not in labour


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I don't see a video!  Is it the one with the pole dancing mama at the end of her pregnancy?  That one is awesome!!


Errands and house cleaning today to stay busy.  Yesterday was one of my "don't have a baby until after this day" goals (for the girl scout meeting)...my second one is next week (husband has an OOT meeting) and then I'm free to wish my baby a Happy Birthday upon arrival.


Im feeling good and hoping you all are too!

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Goooood morning Ladies!


Getting hit with snow here, going in for my THIRD NST here in a minute - I suppose I want the reassurance but after this I'm done with tests. Really, this is ridiculous, I just want my baby.


Other than that - NOTHING. I'm so frustrated. I know I should have patience and babies come when they want but seriously? I start school again soon I REALLY wanted her to be here before I had to leave her for 5-6 hours. Or, worse yet, miss my first class because I'm in labor.


Supposed I oughta get dressed and go..


Looking forward to updates (:

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chili-thanks for posting that! it was great...although totally jealous that at 40+ weeks with twins she can move like that. I LOVE Black Eyed Peas and don't think I could make it for more than a minute dancing like that ROTFLMAO.gif


kaitlyn-hope your NST goes well!!


devaskyla-thanks for posting those low fluid links the other day. I had already known that it was mostly bunk but rereading all that stuff really gave me the confidence to be strong.


Well, wouldn't you know it, my fluid check was great (6.4 on Monday, 10 yesterday) and I didn't have to even put up a fight. My ob is still talking induction for late next week because my u/s put my dates so much earlier than my due date but i wanted to be left alone through the weekend and that's what I got, so I've got a whole bunch of time to "get things started" orngbiggrin.gif We got snow dumped on us yesterday (about 6 inches, I'd say) and I thought for sure what with roads being horrible and all, baby would decide it was perfect timing, but nope, still snug in there! I even shoveled snow, and then it snowed 3 more inches so you can barely tell, but whatever, I did it biggrinbounce.gif I really really love the snow and I'm so glad I got to play with dd in the snow before the baby came. It was so fun and she was SO happy to finally get snow...that and my satisfactory dr's appt really made me happier than I've felt all week.


I'm going to finish up some work this morning that I've been avoiding all week and then take a bath and hopefully dh will come home early and we can enjoy some quiet time while dd is at school and then we're going for indian food for dinner (not just as another attempt at kickstarting labor but because i've been craving some delicious curry and lentils and rice).


Well, Happy Friday the 13th everyone...I wonder how many little ones will make their appearance today :) Hopefully luckier than the full moon thumb.gif

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Thinking of the midwest/east coast mamas who are getting snow... I hope it doesn't interfere with any birthing plans!!


I love the dancing videos... My mom has a friend who went clubbing and went into labor, so you never know (which is why I've started dancing during my evening walks!!).  I woke up absolutely EXHAUSTED today, all I want is a huge cup of coffee, but I've sworn off caffeine during the pregnancy.


Hubby and I got married on a 13th, so I agree that it's a lucky number!!  I hope it brings us some luck, since my official due date is tomorrow!!

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bio - your post made my giggle, I think I'll go out and shovel some snow in hopes to get things movin' along! Snow has slowed down here, we only have a couple inches and everyone acts like this is the first snowfall they've driven in! shrug.gif


I'm back from my appointment - I thought I was going in for just an NST but turns out..it was an entire appointment.


And so here's the update...


I was on the NST for over 40 minutes because this child (much to my dismay..she is like me in the stubborn/uncooperative area) and was up and bouncing around and then she just stops. And goes back to sleep. So I'm just waiting on the machine, and waiting,,drink juice..she bounces back again..then falls asleep. But the MW says the readings are good. Ok good..except I didn't even plan on seeing a MW today.


Anyway, she does another check. I'm almost one more CM dilated (bringing it to a whopping 3 'barely' CMS). Cervix has thinned out a bit more, head is REALLY LOW (in her words). She also said "gee, at any time now, labor seems like it should be happening soon" yeah, hm, haven't heard that since Monday! I also asked her to sweep my membranes today, which she did. *fingers crossed*


I go back Tuesday for another exam/nst/visit. She wanted me to get another US done next week since I'll be over 41 weeks to which I said "hell no" they cost a FORTUNE and I don't think it's necessary since I JUST had one this past Monday. Sorry - but no. She said 'well we check the placenta and fluid' that's great but unless I'm leaking fluid - I'm not concerned. It's been fantastic this entire pregnancy. And I'm not concerned about an 'aging placenta' until after 42 weeks.


She talked about induction for late next week or early the following week, but I'm not comfortable with pitocin whatsoever so I said I don't want to schedule an induction until at least after the 42nd week (even though it's really inconvenient to go that long since I start my class on Saturday the 21st). So a no go just yet on that..give baby a little bit longer yet to make up her mind!


So that's what I got. I'll take some good labor vibes/fingers crossed if there's any to spare! I'm a nervous wreck thinking about labor and delievery and having a baby..but I'm also ready to have something to show for all this!

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Kaitlyn, my vote is you pop on some headphones and shovel snow, uphill, while dancing lol.gif

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Oh, that video is so funny - I've seen it before.  Check out this one!



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Hahaha! Love all these videos of pregnant women shaking their booty... but seriously, how the heck do they do it?!


We got a few inches of snow here...I am definitely thinking about going out there and shoveling.  I think my husband would kill me though if he got back from work and saw me doing it :o)


Kaitlyn, I understand what you mean about the reassurance of the NSTs.  I hate them, but I have to admit each time I have one, I feel a bit better.  Do you not qualify for state aid/insurance?  Here in Michigan (even though I am married), I qualify for Medicaid because I am pregnant.  Baby will be covered after he arrives as well.  I would think since you are a single mom AND in school (full time it sounds like!)  that you would be able to get insurance.  If they at least provide insurance for the baby after they are born, you may be able to get them to cover all the back expenses incorporated during pregnancy...hopefully! And you totally rock for being all set to go to school for the next semester.  When I had my son, it took me a bit to get back into the swing of things.


Absolutely nothing going on here.  Killing time cleaning whatever I can find (which is not much since I have been cleaning crazy) until my NST tonight.  My 4 year old son will have to go with me, so I imagine it will be interesting...and EXTRA long!!


C'mon babies...it snowed just for you!

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Both videos were super cute!  I think we all can use a little pick me up now...  I am wondering how the weather also affects us that are close.  It rained this morning, and I am super achy and having more BH than usual today.  Now it's going to stay gloomy and gray, could use a little sunshine please!


I woke DH up last night trying to figure out if I was leaking waters, but I most certainly was not.  That was exciting while it lasted, lol.  I am super sleepy the last few days and have some cleaning to do, where is my "nesting "??


I had a MW appointment yesterday and found out I am GBS positive.  I was really bummed to find that out... I guess pregnancy hormones are just messing with me but I was really bummed.  I'm starting the hibiclens, echinacea, and grapeseed extract and hoping it clears up.


Hoping one of us gets a lucky Friday the 13th baby! 

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Ha ha ha... I love the videos.  I'm not that agile NOT pregnant.  But I actually have been dancing a lot over the past couple of days... it just feels good! 


Nothing going on here today except some cramping/ctx set off by walking again.  Woke up  at 11:30 p.m. last night-- 2 hours after I went to sleep-- and again was just totally awake.  I'd love this to be a "you'll be in labor soon" energy burst but who knows, heh.



This morning my 2 year old was knocking (gently) on my belly and saying "come out baby!  come out!" and I laughed so hard... yeah, I'm feeling that way too.


Happy 16 years with DH, HCM!  Your post made me realize that if I hold out til the Sunday after this one, I can have this baby on my 4th wedding anniversary.  :D 


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oh, thanks, c&s- our actual 16 year date-iversay isn't for a few more months, but we like to celebrate every friday the 13th.  :)


my baby has been dropping this afternoon, and turning.  i felt her butt way up high this morning, and a few hours later, i can't locate it for certain anymore, and she's a lot lower.  i hope she's not engaging in the posterior!


hope everyone is having a good friday!  i have to take my three little boys on a bunch of mini-errands in a bit, and i'm fearing the chaos...

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Those dancing ladies are awesome!  Although, I feel like I'm just as big as the one having twins, and I think I was as big as the one dancing 2 hr before birth when I was 5 months along! 


No snow in Baltimore today but it is cold and sooooo windy!! 


Oops - that got submitted before I was done.  Last night I feel like I stooped to a new parently low by bribing DS1 at bedtime.  We've been having bedtime battles for weeks - sometimes until 11 PM.  He just won't stay in bed.  Anyway, last night I told him that if he stayed in bed and never got up, not even once, then he'd get a surprise today.  Well, it worked like a charm - never heard a peep from him and he slept until 7:30AM!  I just feel so guilty.  We went to Target and he got to pick out a toy - a blue fire truck - and he has been playing with it ALL day!  We'll see what happens tonight!


I also picked up a bissell upholstry cleaner thing because last night I suddenly decided I was grossed out by our couches.  With dogs, DS potty training, food, etc I just decided they were nasty and everything smelled like pee (even though DH said I was imagining it).  So, upholstry cleaning is what I've been doing all afternoon.  It also worked perfectly to clean the pack n play/bassinet mattress pad.  Fun stuff.


Last night I had my first dream about the baby.  It was so weird.  He was a few days old and all these people had been holding him and taking him from me since he was born so I realized I hadn't breastfed him yet.  Well, he latched, got some milk in his mouth, and then spit it out.  Then he said "no, I want milk in a cup and some noodles."  Yes, the newborn talked.  It was a bit disturbing!


Nothing new with respect to impending labor.  I don't feel like I'm anywhere near delivering.  Hope everyone is having a good day!

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well, i have still have 2 weeks  to go. But i caught myself in the window today and i look enormous!!!


Im so excited all of the sudden!! I cant wait!!

Good luck to all you ladies still waiting for labor. There have been some amazing labors on this board so far. You'd think giving birth was easy reading them.

 Started taking spirulina and floridix as per midwifés recommendation.


Loved the dancing videos, thanks!!

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I had my baby yesterday!!  After 19.5 hours of labor, our little 6lb 12oz Sprout was welcomed by her mama, papa, nana, and my preceptor midwife who joined us unexpectedly at the last moment (this was a planned unassisted pregnancy and birth, but I ended up calling her during pushing).  Full birth story to come in a couple days after I get a little more sleep and feel less sore, lol.


She is so beautiful, Ladies. luxlove.gif


I am thinking of you all and hope you're all doing wonderfully!!

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Yay, wombjuice!  Welcome, little Sprout!  Can't wait to hear her birth story. :)

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aw, wombjuice, i'm so happy for you guys!  can't wait to hear more!  welcome, little sprout! love.gif

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COngrats, Wombjuice!

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