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CNM in Monmouth County NJ

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Any hiding out here? I'm trying to call around today to see if I can get my homebirth this time around, but a lot of the names I'm seeing don't have websites or reliable contact info.


Any recs?



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Does it have to be a CNM?  I think there are only a few CNMs in the state who attend homebirths.  Most are CPMs.  :)

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Originally Posted by dlm194 View Post

Does it have to be a CNM?  I think there are only a few CNMs in the state who attend homebirths.  Most are CPMs.  :)


I'm pretty sure I do need a CNM due to insurance- we're on US Family Health Plan, which is a regional branch-off of TRICARE. This whole dealing with insurance thing is so overwhelming to me!

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lol, yes, I know all about Tricare!  You do need a CNM.  If you are within an hour or so of Trenton, try giving Pam and Louise a call.  They accept Tricare but I don't know about US Family Health Plan since that's an HMO and there are very few in-network midwives.  One of the medical guys from Dix tried calling me to switch to them but the nearest midwives in network were pretty far for me.  Pam and Louise do accept insurance on an out of network basis though (if that's a possibility).  http://www.midwiferycare.org/midwife/home.html

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Thanks so much! It looks like they're just over an hour away- worth a try!


In speaking to USFHP, it looks like out of network is an option (the only option)- I need a referral from my PCP, though, to get the ball rolling- can't get OON authorization without it. This should be interesting because my PCP was assigned to me and I haven't met him/her in the 3.5 years we've been here.

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Definitely try them!  But call next Tuesday when they have office hours - they can fill up fast!  Hopefully it's not an issue to get a referral.  I can't deal with referrals and all that so I use Tricare Standard.  LOL!  My maternity costs were covered 100% (well, except $25 per night in the hospital).  :)

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PP mentioned it does it have to be a CNM?  And there are only a few CNMs in the state who attend homebirths.  I was just on the phone with a CPM from PA that works in my area. She thought she could do out of network, I have yet to start anything. Her name is Lisa Gambini, from womanwize midwivery. Has anyone know of/worked with her?

We live upstate, is family health/ tricare a private company? I am on family health plus throush BCBSexcellus. They said I need approval from my PCP and they will cover in full. I could use some help, TIA

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We used a CNM for our home birth. Quite frankly, my husband would not have agreed to the birth a home if we had not. I interviewed a number of midwives including a few that are CPM's. When I asked about their training and actual number of births they attended as the midwife the numbers were really low. They also kept saying they were experts at normal birth and I kind of feel like that's great but what if there is an issue? I want someone who has actual medical experience and has seen a lot of births and can handle a problem if it happens. My husband can catch the baby if it's normal. Also, the statistics on CNM verses CPM made me nervous. My friend told me her insurance company would not pay for her birth unless it was with a CNM. I think she had blue cross federal because her husband works for the government. The midwife I used had attended over 2,000 births and over a 1,000 as the midwife. I just felt way more comfortable with that level of experience. Even though I used a CNM I did not find her to be too medical at all. She used herbs and homeopathy and I had a very hands off water birth so we were very happy!
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