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Any mom's in Somerville, MA?

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Just moved to Somerville, MA and had our son at home. Was wondering if there are any other moms in this area? We don't have a car so getting around is not super easy. Would love to connect with some other moms :)



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Hi.  Congratulations on your son's birth!  We had a home birth for our daughter Maisie almost 5 months ago.  I live near Harvard Square (also without a car) and would love to meet up.  PM me and we can make a plan.



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Just wanted to invite you and any other moms of babies to meet up this Wednesday at "Life Alive" cafe downstairs at 11:00 am in Cambridge. Maybe we could make it a weekly thing. Hope to see you there :)

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I do! I live between Inman and Union Squares. I have a 3 yr old dd and a 5 month old son who was born and the Cambridge birth center. I'd love to get together with some other moms in the area, too.

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