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need some rocking salmon recipes

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i got some *amazing* salmon direct from the fishermen in alaska. it's fresh frozen sockeye. it has a really buttery, rich texture. just lovely. 


however, i am really hesitant to cook it. i got 10 pieces. first 2 i made a simple pan chowder, pan seared the fish, finished in chowder and it was so yummy. last night i made another recipe that was just weird. the fish tasted great. but i won't make the recipe again. just came out too strange. i don't want to make anymore "weird" recipes. 


anyone have an brilliant recipes for fab salmon? something that really highlights the fish. 





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i really love to just bake it with maple syrup - just a little- on top, maybe butter, salt and pepper.

the maple does something special to it.  that's my favorite thing to do with it, but i tend to prefer it not fancied up, just prefer the taste of the fish.



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Take a lot of herbs such ad Parsley, Basil, Dill, Coriander etc, and put it in the food processor with a few garlic cloves, honey (2-3 spoons), a little bit of Dijon mustard (1 tsp) and about half a cup olive oil. (sorry I don't have exact amounts, I never wrote it down).

Grind/mince it all together until you get a nice paste.

Spread some of it over a baking pan, put the salmon on top and spread some more on top of the salmon. bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.


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As an Alaskan, we just use lemons, garlic, salt and pepper.


But the above mixture of herbs and garlic with mustard I do a lot too.


Also soy-ginger marinades are good!


We either grill or bake the salmon, for the most part.  If you grill, wrap it in tinfoil.  I also put tinfoil down on a baking sheet when I bake, otherwise the skin is too sticky.


Enjoy the bounty!

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My favorite recipe is to lightly brush with Dijon, then sprinkle with Cajun seasonning.  Bake at 375 foot 15-17 min.  Yummy!


( I have had some yummy maple/ Asian salmon dishes too, but I don't have the recipes...)

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Soy, ginger, a bit of molasses or brown sugar, and lemon is one of my favorites.  I often just poach it in a cast-iron pan like this.  (I'm an Alaskan, so eat lots of salmon).  Really, if the salmon is high-quality, it needs very little in the way of spices - even just salt and pepper is great.  Just make sure not to over cook it.

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hmmm... I am a simple cook... I just sprinkle a little garlic pepper on top and cook.  Boyfriend makes it a bunch of different ways( its our favorite food) but I just put seasoning on top. Serve over rice.

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we make burgers often - there are tons of different way but we really like using quinoa 


example  - http://www.brucebarone.com/CurryCoconutQuinoaSalmonCakes.htm

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aren't burgers/cakes usually made with canned salmon? 

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aren't burgers/cakes usually made with canned salmon?



they certainly do not need to be!


I poach my filets (along with veggies) and flake them myself- the broth is added to mayo and sauces 

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My whole family loves this fast and easy salmon recipe: Spread Caesar dressing over the fish, top with crushed Caesar croutons, and  bake. If you have basil or parmesan cheese those are good added to the crushed croutons. 


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