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Looking for a Pediatric Chiropractor

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I'm visiting my family in Kensington, MD and am looking for a pediatric chiropractor. Yesterday during dinner, my 2 year old started crying and saying "My neck! My neck!," I could tell by the way he was holding his head he didn't have full range of motion. It's somewhat better today (I did ice packs/heat bags on and off yesterday and today) but it hurts him really badly when he tries to sit up and he screams. It must have just seized up--he has no other signs, symptoms. I know it will heal on its own if I keep doing what I'm doing, but I also feel like a chiropractor could help get everything back in line so it heals faster.


Does anyone know of a good pediatric chiropractor in the area? I looked on the ICPA website and called in an appt with Dr. Kadin, randomly, but I'm almost positive she can't see him until Monday and I'd like to get him in somewhere today if possible.


Thanks for any ideas/advice!



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I know that Friendship Heights Chiropractic has some Saturday hours. http://friendlydoc.com/ Good luck!
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I am probably replying too late on this, but my husband is a chiropractor and he sees patients out of our home/office evenings and weekends.  (He works in DC during the day.)  I'd be happy to help get him set up if it's not too late...  Good luck!

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Thank you so much--I really appreciate that. We actually got fit in at Dr. Kadin's office that same day and have seen her twice. My son is much better. We found out his neck seized up like that because I only nurse on one side and have for the last year--so he's been imbalanced and his little muscles on one side have been overworked. Who knew? Now we're changing up positioning while nursing to try and get him balanced out.

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Interesting!  That's great that you saw Dr. Kadin.  She's terrific - I've met her through my hubby before.  

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