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Nervous bowels in a 4 month old?

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(I am full of questions today!)


Daughter is my first, and is 4 months old.  We are on a schedule, which doesn't vary very often or by very much.  Momma is a creature of habit, and daughter seems to be her mother's child in this regard.  For example, her mid-morning nap is to begin at 11:30am.  I was distracted, looked at her in her bounce chair next to my leg at 11:33am, and noticed she was asleep.  That's my girl.


So, we live far from family, and on Saturday my folk arrived along with one of my brothers.  Daughter was understandably a little weirded out, but settled and was happy to sit with family members and "visit".  She was, prior to this visit, on a every other day poop schedule.  On the day she didn't poop she would have super-smelly gas she liked to share with everyone.  The poop was the usual stone-ground-mustard-breastmilk-only poop.  And there was usually a "fair amount" of it. 


So, Sunday was her poop day, and she pooped twice.  Which was a little but unexpected, but, hey...  we went with the flow.  Then on Monday she pooped three or four times.  And it was a lot each time.  Tuesday she pooped again first thing, and it was mostly a nearly-clear liquid (not mucous) and then she did that about 4 more times.  At which point my mother determined that it was most certainly not something I ate (nothing new except smoked pork ribs on Sunday, out of my system by Tuesday certainly) and suggested that maybe my little girl has the nervous trots...  something certain female family members are familiar with.  I am a puker when I'm nervous.  Others have their last meal exit in other ways.  Sorry - I know this is a bit TMI.

Wednesday she had watery poops again, and 3 distinct movements.  Family left Wednesday morning.

The entire time she was happy, eating, making urine and drool...  So, Thursday morning I cluster-fed her in the AM only (instead of nursing her at 7:30am, 10:30am and 1:30am I fed her starting at 7:30am and every two hours until 1:30pm) in order to be sure she was getting enough fluid, and to "help" her in case she had a virus, per Mom.  Thursday she pooped once, it was still more watery than usual, and it was a LOT.  (She pooped her own hair, because she was laying down when she started.  Poor little girl.  We had two baths that day.)

This morning, one poop again, and the amount you'd expect from a baby that had been fed like crazy the morning before.  Poop is back to normal. 


Can babies get the nervous trots?  She does seem to be shy around people, and we're thinking three newcomers in the house was just too much...  even if she adjusted, could her bowels have gotten out of whack?

I don't see teeth, and her mood was good the entire time.  She was hungrier the day I cluster-fed, and why wouldn't she be, after all that pooping!


Any other mommies have babies that get the nervous trots, or was I dealing with a bug or virus?


ETA - the numbers of movements on Wednesday.  And that yes, yes I am on the neurotic side of the behavior spectrum.  It's part of my charm, I swear!


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No ideas?  I have another set of relatives on the way, and I'm wondering if I should just fasten a plastic bag under her butt... 

(Truly, ideas on if nervous bowels are possible in a baby and if so, how to help her would be very appreciated!)



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Everyone's bowel schedule is completely different. Babies poop. A lot. And weirdly, too. DOnt attribute it to nervous bowel. Attribute it to her being a 4 month old baby.

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I'm sorry no one responded before now. 


The number one rule of caring for babies and toddlers is as soon as you think you have it all figured out, it will all change. There are many reasons your DDs bowel habits could have changed. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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Hello graciegal and pammysue!  Thanks for the replies.


She's 7 months old now, and we haven't had any repeats.  It was a little scary - the last diapers were sooooooo watery.  But considering she was back to normal as soon as her life was back to normal, I think we now know it was a nerves issue, and not a bug.  I am shocked that a baby that little would have that kind of physical reaction to upset. 

I've learned that if we're going through any kind of "excitement" (and we haven't since) I just tie her to me and expect a lot of dirty diapers.  She's sipping water now, so I'd be sure to keep her hydrated too.

We're planning a trip to see the grandparents mentioned in the fall, when she's about a year old, and I'll just be happy if she doesn't poop herself silly on the plane.  Poor little nervous baby.  greensad.gif

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I don't think babies have "nervous bowels".  I'm glad she's better though.

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Thanks Ackray!  She's never had any more trouble.  My mother is that way - if she's nervous, she's in the bathroom.  (Sorry Mom!)

No one else was sick, I hadn't eaten anything new... we can't figure out what caused it.  But she's never had it happen again (we've also never had overnight guests again) so it's a worry of the past now. 

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