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Chronic ear infections

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My daughter is 17 months old and has had constant ear infections for about 1 year.  There was a slight break in there right after she got tubes and until she got her first cold.  She recently had her adenoids taken out also, but has already had 2 ear infections.  Has anyone else gone through this with their little one or know someone who has.  What did they do to try to prevent the ear infections?  Luckily, my daughter isn't bothered by the infections anymore due to the tubes draining out the fluid, but I can tell her speech is delayed compared to my son.  I know it is dangerous to compare 2 kids because every child is different, but she isn't really saying to much.  Thanks for any help

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Been there, done that, still riding that train ;(  So glad that the tubes are helping. Have you looked into any allergies?  My DS is almost 2 and has had chronic ear infection/sinus infection since 6mo old. He had 1st set of tubes by 10 months, adenoids out at 13 months and 2nd set of tubes last month w/some sinus rinse going on.  Got to tell you, the adenoids is what did the trick for his ear infections. However, he still had drainage down the back of his throat/cough and slow on the language. He's been followed by an allergy doctor along w/his ENT and ped. We've check his hearing (when clear of fluid) and it's w/in normal limits at this time. I've notice a big jump in his language when we get him feeling better. The trick is to keep him feeling better. I've got a great ped. and we're following him closely. I've been going by the theory of if he's still making forward progress then it's good but the minute he stops or he starts to get fluid--not just infection, but fluid also-- I'm going to be right back into the dr's office.

I work w/children who are delayed so as long as he's going forward, I'm fine with it. I am, however, doing a lot of things w/him that I would do w/the children I work with.  If you're concerned, ask your pediatrican about Infant/Toddler svs. they can do a screening and help.

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