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Appropriate week for planned cesarean-didi twins

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What is the week that most OBs prefer to schedule you if you must have a cesarean with didi twins? I interviewed an OB that believes 38 weeks is safest.

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Many doctors believe that term for twins is 38 weeks, and anything after is "overdue".


Because of that mentality, My csection was scheduled for 38 weeks. I had not had any signs of labor. My boys were "take home" babies-- over 7 lbs each, able to nurse well.  I didn't think anything of it until after I had a singleton at 40 weeks. Granted, we're talking about experienced parents vs/ us as newbies, one vs two, girl rather than boys. So there are many things different, but she was much less floppy, much more content, much more accomplished at nursing from the start. I personally think those 2 weeks were the big part of the difference.


Having said all that, I know that doctors worry about the quality of the placenta after about 38 weeks. I suspect that if you want to go longer, they might ask for more frequent non-stress tests.


Good luck with your pregnancy.

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i read high and low and could not really get anyone to tell me factually what made them think twins NEEDED to come early, only that the tend to end up coming a tad early. but in general i believe that a person should go into at least early labor and let the babe choose tell us when they are ready as long as everything is looking good.


is there a medical reason that you can't go into labor and just go have the c section right then? i know a number of twin movies that had a medical reason for requiring a c section but successfully planned on it and then let labor pick the timing. yeah it might not be the most convenient for the doctor, but they are not the most important person i the room but a long shot.

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Adorkable, in my experience, having had a "planned emergency" c-section, that had I waited to go into labour on my own, one of my babies would not have survived. I was sectioned at 37 weeks because one baby was in distress and they had to come out after a normal and unventful pregnancy. They both nursed well, but seeing as one was under 4 pounds, he spent seven days in the NICU where I had to prove to them he could eat well, which he did. I EBF from the birth until they were 18 months. 


Granted, it is best for the baby to decide, but when there are two of them, one may not be as ready as the other at the same time. SeattleMolly, the policy at our hospitals is that emergency c-sections require general anesthetic and that the husband is not allowed into the operating room whereas if it is planned, you get a spinal and my husband was there with me and witnessed the birth. You should check with your hospital what the procedures and policies are.


I also gave birth to a singleton at 40 weeks two years after my twins and I did not find that much difference, but then she only 400 grams heavier than my biggest twin. :-)


It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with. Good luck with your decision.

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Shuli, yes I really understand that each of the babies could have different needs and timelines, that's why I said "as long as everything is good" what you had dictated your timeline and it sounds like it was handled very well.
Though I did not use the option, with my OB he did have an option to "plan" on a c section, but leave the timing up in the air and let early labor start. As long as there was no distress and they had the time to place the spinal, it was not considered an emergent procedure and one supprt perso could be there. Yeah everyone's OB and hospital is different, it's very good to ask a lot of questions early.
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I eneded up having a C-section at 39 weeks - up to that point, both my family doctor and OB were willing to let me deliver vaginally. I developed HELLP syndrome quickly (my blood pressure was fine at 7:30 am, and through the roof at 11 am). I was seeing a doctor 3 times a week at that point, and DH took my blood pressure and I checked for protein in my urine every day.


I had general anesthesia, and my DH and student nurse were in the OR (and this was 17 years ago), so obviously all hospitals are different - or maybe it was more my OB than the hospital, I don't know. They wouldn't let DH into the OR until after they put me under.


My babies weighed 8 pounds each, and were terrifically healthy.

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I had mine vaginally but my OB was comfortable going to 40w.   I had them at 39.6...di/di girls... fat & healthy.

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