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Is it just me? How to stay peaceful?

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I'm 9w3d with my third child. No history of miscarriage but had to use extreme fertility measures with my first so I'm very aware of what can go wrong. I've really been very "zen" through this pregnancy and actually only scheduled my first appointment a few days ago. I've had tough m/s since six weeks and I guess this has been reassuring. Since I hit 9 weeks though, my nausea has decreased quite a bit. In addition one of my best friends who was due when I am just had to go through a d&c after her 10 week appointment failed to show a heartbeat (her second d&c in a row). These things plus my failure to find the h/b on my home Doppler have me suddenly really scared. I feel obsessive about it and also feel selfish thinking of myself while my friend is going through such a horrific thing. I need some help finding a way to be peaceful in this. Chances are things are fine with my baby and I need to relax but I'm finding this hard. Anyone else with these kinds of thoughts? Having a hard time enjoying the symptom abatement? 

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I felt a lot like that the first time around. Between about 11 weeks when my symptoms started to fade and 16-17 weeks when I felt her moving, I worried SO MUCH. I seriously didn't feel pregnant anymore. It didn't even help to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler at my OB appointments. Until I could reliably feel her moving around, I wasn't content. So yes, I think it's totally normal. This time around I am enjoying my fading nausea and hoping that the fatigue follows soon-- but I do want to hear the heartbeat next week (hopefully, I'll be 11w2d) at my next appointment just for peace of mind!

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Yes! I can totally relate! Pg for the first tri esp seems so unreal and fraught w uncertainty. I just pray a lot and take it a day at a time! When they start moving it is so much more reassuring! This is number 3 for me too!
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I'm trying my hardest to stay zen and just try to be positive in the moment, which is all I can control. What has helped me are pregnancy relaxation/meditations, some I found as free downloads (hypnobirthing) and paid for on itunes (peaceful pregnancy). 

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I feel the SAME way. I don't have another appointment until February and now that my nausea is starting to calm down - I keep wondering if everything is ok. Let's just all take deep breaths and think positively.. until the next time we get all nervous. lol

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