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Joey's Birth! Warning long, and with a little TMI water breaking story

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Aaron Joseph arrived 1/2/12 @ 4:32 am weighing in at 6 lb, 14 oz and 19” long. He’s such a peanut compared to DS1 (8 lb, 7oz)!


On New Year’s Day, DH, DS1 and I went to the mall to drop off my wedding ring for a cleaning (it was getting tight anyway). I joked with the jewelry store lady that we were going to walk until the baby fell out. But, I was only 39 weeks, so I was already convincing myself that I would go late (went late with DS1). I didn’t want to hit 40 weeks and “be done”. Plus I was still trying to enjoy my 2 y/o (recently turned Mr. Tantrum) to the fullest (which wasn’t working out well with my limited patience). That evening I started feeling crampy, but I had felt that on and off for the past 1 ½ weeks. I played some gladiator video game with DH which got us moving around after DS went to bed. After that I didn’t feel crampy, so I thought nothing of it. Around 10 pm I went to lay down to try and sleep, but started feeling pressure and crampy in my lower abdomen. I tossed and turned, but couldn’t sleep. DH came to bed about 11 pm and was asleep soon. About 1130, I started realizing that the pressure was timeable, but I still tried to ignore it (it felt nothing like my contractions with DS1).  I woke up DH, because I started having to go pee a lot, and I told him that I thought something was up. At midnight DS1 (who usually wakes up sometime during the night and comes to our bed), woke up fussing and calling out for me. DH went and got him and as they were coming into our room DS says “? Is coming. ? is coming!” We didn’t understand exactly what he said was coming, but it was pretty neat/freaky to realize that he knew it was time! I nursed him back to sleep and got up to walk around so they could get some rest.


Around 1 am I tried doing the dishes from the night before, but it took me about 45 minutes to wash a few things. I kept thinking that there was no way I would be able to make it another 8 hours (I was hoping my labor wouldn’t be much longer than about ½ of DS1’s labor of 15 hours) if it was already this intense. I decided after the dishes to take a bath/shower. The bath helped ease the contxns, so I again thought I had lots of time. About 2 am, I make it out of the shower and start pacing around the living room sopping wet in only a towel. DH was up to check on me. I told him I didn’t know how far apart the cntxns were, and he told that I hadn’t quit singing/moaning/lip flapping for the past 20 min. He was adamant that we get stuff ready to go and go the hospital. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t time, but about that time I had the strongest urge to lay down and not move. I started shaking hard, dry heaving (had already been some) and I pooted/felt a pop and my water squirted out all over the living room! I didn’t realize I was in transition because I thought I was shaking from being wet, naked and cold! DH kept his calm, but ordered me to get dressed and go now or he was calling an ambulance and my mom! He started throwing things in a bag for DS, and tried getting the rest of my bag ready all while getting DS up and loaded and trying to get me dressed.


DS was a rock star. He kept singing on the way to the hospital and was so calm during the delivery… I tried to sing too, but it ended up more like “holy moley” over and over. By the time we made it to the hospital.. I was saying “ole-o” over and over! It was quite humorous looking back! We got to the hospital triage at 330 am. DH filled out a form and they got me to a room to change/pee in a cup (hah!). The nurse checked me and says, “oh, gosh.. you are a good 9-10 cm!” I wanted to cry and kiss her. They wheeled me to L/D where I labored for another 30 min and after about 30 min of pushing he was finally out; no tears! My in-laws had come to the hospital to help with DS, but DH never got a chance to take him to them b/c he didn't want to miss the birth! I'm glad he stayed, though, because it was so neat to have him there during the inital bonding time... he kept saying "baby brudder". 


I never felt the urge to push, and it was so much harder than I thought it would be.. I acutally would rather have had the cntxns! I also never felt relief from pushing like I had read about (and during DS1’s labor I felt the urge to push even though I was only 8 cm and I ended up seceretly pushing a couple of times b/c it felt good- but I ended up with an epidural after that so I didn’t actually know what it was like to push naturally).


Interestingly enough I did feel the urge to turn over on my hands and knees during pushing, but I didn’t say anything. Turns out he was sunny side up, and if I had followed my instinct, it might’ve made things easier!




Trying to re-learn newborn wrapping before our first walk!


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He's so gorgeous!  Just look at those cheeks!!

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Awwww.  Congratulations!  He is totally beautiful.  And I love that your 2 year old was with you through your labor, singing and talking about his little brother.  That's so sweet.

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Yay!  He's so beautiful!  Congratulations, mama, and enjoy your babymoon!

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What a wonderful story having your 2 yr old there!  Welcome baby Joey.  Congrats!

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what an adorable little guy!  thanks so much for taking the time to write your story.  i also love your 2YOs involvement- what a happy memory that will be for you guys!  congrats again!

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I loved reading your story and seeing the picture of your adorable little boy!! Congratulations Bentlaj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So sweet... Congratulations!!

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What a cutie pie!!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful birth story too, you are so blessed!

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