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Active mamas? Or running mamas?

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I took up running about a year ago. I needed a challenge and needed something to make me get out of my non-moving rut! So, I started working out, then started running in Feb. with the goal of a 5K in the summer. I easily met that goal and actually ran in a few 5Ks :) ("running" might be a bit of a stretch since I'm not fast in the least... it's more like a jog... but I still like to say 'running').


I had big goals of running in a 10K this summer. This pregnancy kind of throws things for a loop, so I'm not sure I'll do a 10K, but maybe! But if I need to back off of running (or not push myself too much to add distance), I might just do a 5K instead... there's a race that's here in my town in June, so maybe that?


Any other mamas active? Swimming? Running? Weight-lifting? Etc?  ... Do you plan to continue while listening to your body and just seeing how things go?

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I was gonna make an active momma thread but felt like a big fraud.  A couple of weeks ago, I took a spill and twisted one ankle (still slightly hurts) and sprained the other!!!  So, that combined with the busyness that was my holiday crafting means that I haven't been too active in a couple of months!  YIKES!  And here, Jan-March (sometimes april, too) mean LOTS of snow!  I am hoping to start reintroducing some exercise to my poor ankles soon on days that aren't too icy and maybe do some workout videos inside when the weather is crummy for outdoor exercise! 


Generally though, when I am back in my groove, I plan on keeping up with what was my normal routine (walk/jog) while listening to my body about when I should pull back!  :)

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I'd like to think I belong here too. I'm a runner when I can be (toddler + ice means I haven't been out much lately) and have been doing a Fitmom boot camp style class twice a week plus TurboFire exercise videos to fill in the gaps. I think I'm going to have to look for some slightly less intense cardio but I really would like to keep up a bit of a routine.


10 K and 1/2 marathon were my goals for this summer too, but I'm pretty sure I'll put those off until 2013, and just try to maintain a base fitness level while pregnant.

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I got into running over the summer.  All through the fall I ran 2-3 times a week religiously (Mon, Thurs, and Sat).  I'm not especially fast, and I wasn't going super far, but I was really doing it and really enjoying it.  I use a treadmill at the gym, so that my DDs can be in childcare.  Honestly, I like the treadmill, and I liked showering solo after too, and an added bonus, the girls both love the gym childcare! 


I last went running on Dec 20 irked.gif.  On Dec 21 my grandmother died.  Then, I ended up behind on Christmas prep.  We left town for the funeral on the 27th, and were gone through the 1st.  I didn't do my normal Monday run on the 2nd because we were unpacking and settling in.  Then that Thursday DD1 had a fever and a cough, then Friday DD2 got a stomach bug and Saturday I got it, Monday I was still recovering.  I was sure I'd go Thursday, but then DD1 got the stomach bug that day.  Saturday is out because of other plans.  At this rate, I'm just hoping I'll get to go Monday.  I'm a bit nervous about how it'll go.  I'll be a whole month out of practice, and pregnant. 


I plan to get back into the routine and just pay attention to my body for speed and distance.  I am nervous about what I'll do once the little one is here, enough so that it was one of my concerns about ttc #3.  I'm not sure I'll be comfortable leaving an infant in the gym child care.  I never left my girls at that age.  I've never done bottles or pacifiers, or carrying a sleeping baby in a bucket seat.  I fear it may be a long long time before I feel like I can go again post-partum.

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My knees don't do well with running, but I love to stay active.  I have an elliptical trainer in our basement that I regularly use, and I love to go for long walks with the girls when the weather cooperates.   Unfortunately in my past pregnancies all of my activities have come to a screeching halt in the first trimester due to fatigue and nausea.  Usually by 15 weeks I get active again, although it takes me a while to get my stamina back (I also generally work out far less while pregnant, because I have trouble eating enough to gain an appropriate amount of weight).   But I think any amount of physical activity is a good thing, even if it is a leisurely walk.  

That is awesome that you ladies are able to run that much!  

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Hrm... first off, I adore my midwife! But, I had messaged her on FB earlier today (yeah, we're friends on there!) and she eventually messaged me back and told me not to run. That she has had quite a few runner clients seem to miscarry disproportionately more (she's practiced midwifery for a LONG time!).... :( I'm torn. My only loss occured while I *was* still running (this past fall). Maybe for a while I'll just do some elliptical work? And use the treadmill but for walking up hills? Blergh. I feel like this is a blow. Running is my happy place (I'm slow, I'll NEVER win races, I do walk sometimes in the middle, and I hate it while I'm doing it!)... the feeling after a good run is like nothing else in the world.


To those who have to leave children in gym childcare, I'm slightly envious, but also bummed for you! The idea sounds pretty great and we don't have that service offered here (I live in a small town with a small gym). I'm fortunate in that my dh works an atypical shift, so he's home Sun-Tues and then works evenings Wed-Sat, so he's home every morning. Usually I'd head to the gym for an hour, then I'll get home and he'll head over for an hour.

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I've actually heard that runners have a higher than average chance of miscarriage, but as far as I remember that was based on fairly elite runners and there's a possibility that low body fat percentage had more to do with it than the actual running. I think there might have been some thought that running at an anaerobic level and over the lactic threshold might be a contributing factor too... I wish I can remember where I saw the study as it was at least a year ago and I'm not sure I remember it correctly.

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This thread completely caught my eye because I was also super motivated and doing really well in my running before finding out I was pregnant!!!  I just found out on Monday, (so at 6 weeks) and just Saturday I had done a hard 5K on the threadmill and felt fine. Contrary to my first pregnancy, I'm not feeling nauseous or as tired (yet??!!?) and still feel motivated to keep running, but I am scared and cautious.  This was an unexpected (but welcomed) pregnancy following infertility issues in the past, and I'm scared that it's my last chance to ever get pregnant.


Maybe it'll be the ellipical for me too from now on! 

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Yeah, I felt a bit of a fraud too but I will join.  Like a lot of people, I 'll go in decent spurts, when I get completely bored, I guiltlessly take a week off and I'm usually mentally with it when I return. 


I am definitely not a runner.  I used to be a cyclist, but having DS has kind of cramped my style, even though DH has always been pretty supportive of me going.  I'm mainly an at-home video exerciser.  I do a lot of aerobics and weight training.  I absolutely continue to do these things throughout pregnancy, I find I can lift smartly and it really helps my growing body adapt. 


For me, one of the benefits of staying in shape was I really think it made my labor so much more manageable.  I used weightlifting as a time to mentally focus myself on just going through the next repetitions, as a first timer figuring it'd be like getting through contractions.  While I found out the two were definitely not the same (involuntary vs. voluntary action) it did prepare me.



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Carson, what are your favourite vids? I've been doing TurboFire but I'm already feeling that I'm going to need to step the cardio down a notch. I don't want to go with anything too low key though and I find most of the pregnancy videos I've seen are pretty good for stretching and strength but have really limited cardio.

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I think I'd like some sort of videos at home too (the only one I have is the 30-Day Shred with Jillian Michaels)... maybe even yoga for a good, steady strength and channeling of energy.


I'm curious about core exercises now... like, at the current time. Is it wise to do a lot of core exercises? Is it all for naught? Will it actually make things worse because those muscles would be more prone to separate (as opposed to untoned stuff that just kinda floats anyway)?

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I'm not a runner BUT I'm a Zumba instructor and teach five times a week. this pregnancy was not in my/our plans and i have to figure out how long I can keep teaching. I'd like to for as long as possible, must modify my routines and take out the impact. The only thing that I believe could stop me from teaching are braxton hicks contractions. I have had them in both previous pregnancies, they started very early on and got really uncomfortable toward the end. I haven't told my bosses yet that I"m pregnant, I'm only four weeks along so there's plenty of time and I hope they will continue to let me teach for as long as I can. 

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I'm really into yoga - I did ashtanga yoga and lifted some weights during my last pg up until I was 38 weeks and then I just felt too big and awkward.  Unfortunately when my DD was just 6 weeks old I was in a car accident and broke my pelvis, shoulder blade and some ribs which really kept me out of things for a few months.  I've been slowly getting back into yoga and lifting weights but I have a very attached 16 month old who doesn't do well if I leave... there has been a lot of at home yoga, but I miss weights!!

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I'm kind of old-school with videos.  My main stock is The Firm (2002 and older) and Cathe Friedrich.  I love, love her step routines, they are so challenging and fun.


I still do ab work as long as I comfortably can, and this time around would love to find some pregnancy pilates.  I had pretty bad back problems last time and I wonder if that would help.

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Hey y'all! glad to hear so many women are working out! I love to run! I go to the gym WMF and my babies play in their awesome daycare. They love it and i love it! I actually haven't been running since i found out i was pregnant. I am not a fan of running while pregnant. It's probably mostly pyschological, but still. I love to fast walk on the treadmill or elliptical. I won't lie, i could never tolerate the gym if it weren't for the TVs. 


I also wanted to do a 10k or 1/2 marathon, but i would much rather have a baby!! :) I hope to run a marathon when i'm all done having kids... it's on my bucket list!

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I used to be very active with yoga, swimming, hiking and Zumba. In July 2011, I tore a ligament in my knee. :( 

Just found out from my acupuncturist that my knee was dislocated this entire time and she put it back into place. Hoping this means

I can start to be more active now. It will be a slow road, as the muscles in my left leg are definitely way weaker now than in my right. Need to be strong for the birth!


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Have an elliptical and treadmill at home so will stay very active during this pg. Won 't be curbing anything.
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I played my first pregnant soccer game tonight! I'm planning to keep playing to the end of indoor if I can. I'll be 12 1/2 weeks by then. I probably won't play outdoor at all this summer but might practice with the team if possible.


Carson, I've heard only good things about all of those. I might see if I can get my hands on them. I've never been really fond of exercise videos but with a toddler in tow it's really the only way I can count on fitting regular workouts in, so I guess I'm a convert, at least until winter's over and we can all go outside.


MissE, Zumba looks like so much fun! I've tried a couple videos and so far my basic lack of coordination really interferes with getting a decent workout out of it but I definitely see the potential!


1BigHappy, I'm so jealous! I'd love to have a treadmill and elliptical at home, but I can't quite figure out where to put them in our fairly tiny 900 sq ft. house!


All you yoga experts, any suggestions for good intro videos? I'm hoping to do a pre-natal yoga class in the spring, when the new sessions start, but it would be nice to get a bit of a start now. I'm really, really inflexible and a total newbie when it comes to yoga so I'm looking for the absolute most basic stuff possible.

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Carlin (and others interested in yoga videos)- I *love* yogaglo.com. $20/month, lots of different classes/styles/teachers/lengths/skill levels etc. You can sign up for a free trial period, but then you have to pay very close attention to cancel your contract if you don't want to keep it. It is well worth the money for me, since I pay $20/class at my in-person yoga class. I walk or bike to work everyday, practice yoga 2-3 /week, and thai boxing 1/week. But I've been so tired and pukey these past couple of pregnant weeks, I haven't been capable of doing much besides getting to work.

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I live downtown in my city, and I try to walk as many places as I can with my two boys. I have the 3 year old in the Ergo (adding 35 lbs. to my trek!), but I go the pace of the 6 year old, so it works out to rather gently but regular and strengthening exercise 3-4 times per week. I did yoga all during both previous pregnancies, and I'd love to start it back up. I mostly did a few rounds of sun salutations in the mornings and then various poses throughout the day. 

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