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Delivery clothes?

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Just wondering what the homebirth mamas are planning to wear when the LO decides to make his/her entrance?  Especially if you plan on being in water?  I was thinking just some sweats, but thought maybe someone would have some insight on what's best to wear...

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I delivered at the hospital, but she came so quickly, I ended up giving birth just wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, after removing my sweats. No time to mess with a hospital gown until after the fact. For a water birth I'd probably opt for just a tank top, or naked.

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Last time with my water birth I used a maternity tank top. With my first water birth I used a large t-shirt but got too hot. This time I plan to use another tank top. No bottoms, they just have to come off again. I've had fast labors, but if it takes a while to get in the tub I'll wrap a robe around me probably.


I guess I did wear large panties with large pads in them in case of water leaking or blood.

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I am planning on wearing a bikini top.

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This is my first baby but after some serious consideration - no really I had to think about this a lot. I'll be wearing a bikini top.


I can just imagine how god awful annoyed I'd get wearing a t shirt or anything else..so a swimsuit top is likely going to be my best bet..or if I get really irritated, naked. I'm really a very modest person but clothing can make me so irritable..so I imagine during labor I'll be THAT much more irritable.


ETA: I'm planning on a water birth (:

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Sports bra. I wore a tank last time but it just rode up & got wet/cold. I would just go naked, but I plan to film it again.

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Originally Posted by MidwifeErika View Post

I am planning on wearing a bikini top.

and your vajazzling, right?  winky.gif


i've been wondering a lot about you, erika.  you were hoping you'd make it to new years- baby has stuck around a lot longer, huh?


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sports bra and skivvies and then I eventually shed every scrap with DS.  With DD I was in a tank and a skirt.  I distinctly remember having a moment of clarity as I was pushing her out.  Like I was watching myself from above, and I thought Oh Sh-t, that's my favorite skirt. 

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Not a waterbirth, for labor I wore a binsi skirt and a nursing tank.  the skirt came off when my water broke right before pushing.

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I was planning on a sports bra, but then I realized that I want to nurse directly after birth and that will mean getting the sports bra off. Instead I think I'm going to wear one of my nursing tanks that I've been wearing my whole pregnancy (and therefore needs to be replaced after I shrink back down). If it gets uncomfortable though, I'll just take it off.

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Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post

and your vajazzling, right?  winky.gif


i've been wondering a lot about you, erika.  you were hoping you'd make it to new years- baby has stuck around a lot longer, huh?


LOL! Maybe I should add some gem stones to the bikini top to make sure I am extra sparkly ALL OVER :)


This baby is a jokester. Lost my mucous plug (with blood!) at 36 weeks and then here I am at 39 weeks. Baby is like, "just kidding mom!". I would bet I probably have another 2 weeks to go yet. 

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I took along a sleeveless nightie and wore it for the first part of labor, but ended up stripping naked the second I hit transition-- at that point the idea of fabric touching my skin was too awful to bear. I'm not sure how so many ladies make it through the whole birth still wearing anything!

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I can totally see the being naked thing, as I am constantly running around the house in my underwear as it is now! Just don't care much for clothes right now!  I think of myself as being to shy to do so in front of the midwives.  And HCM and Erika, I hadn't even thought about what I'll be wearing "down there", hmmm....

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Originally Posted by element2012 View Post

  And HCM and Erika, I hadn't even thought about what I'll be wearing "down there", hmmm....

Well, now is the time to plan!! You cannot dress up for the party and not dress up the lady bits as well.... they deserve to feel glamorous and special for all the work they are going to do! Pick out a pretty design because it will be in the birth photos for years to come!!! :)



(for anyone who does not know, since tone is not heard through type, I am totally kidding. No one's doctor or midwife will expect them to be vajazzled or groomed in any specific ways for the birth. I just wanted to say this before my comment is lifted for some anti-midwife blog as there is bound to be someone who will take what I said above as serious and it will feed into the campaign against midwives by pointing out that we even expect vajazzling along with placenta eating and non-stop Enya playing in the background while women birth with dolphins and we sprinkle patchouli all around the room)

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I plan on wearing either a sports bra or bikini top in the birthing tub and nothing on bottom.  If I'm walking around, I'll most likely be wearing yoga pants with the sports bra or bikini top.

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I had planned to wear a long t-shirt, but somehow I ended up without any clothes on by the time I got to pushing! 

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I wore a pull-over sports bra (that was way too small blush.gif) & black underwear in the tub. Eventually the bottoms came off. I nursed in the sports bra and changed when I got out

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