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how is kitty doing?

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Sorry it took me so long to get back. Tigger is home and resting. He'll have his bandage on for at least another week but he is eating some now and trying to start using the litter box - they were having to express his bladder until yesterday. (He hasn't defecated - I think not since the attack - but he hasn't been eating very much either.) He started purring I think before I got him all the way in the house; he's definitely glad to be home.


Animal control has been a little slow to respond, but in fairness I think they're probably understaffed. I did speak with an officer today who said he'd patrol this afternoon. My husband saw a dog a street or so over who looked like one of the two - not the pit - and he was not fenced or chained. I told the officer but haven't heard back since then. It turns out we have a leash law for both cats and dogs. He said that even though the cat was in my yard, he wasn't restrained at the time (fence or leash) so the dogs' owner/s couldn't be held liable. He can take the dogs in re: the leash law and said he'd mention the cat to the owners, but it looks like that'll be it.

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Yay Tigger! So glad he's home and recovering joy.gif 



It sounds a bit nutty to say that because your cat wasn't tied up as bait for those dogs you can't press charges. I hope the dogs are at least found and identified so they can be made aware of the damage their dogs caused.

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Thanks! Does anyone have any tips on how to get him to eat and drink? He'll drink some of the liquid from wet cat food, and that's all he wants to do. He seems to keep swallowing and reswallowing after he's finished, too.


No luck with the dogs yet, I'm afraid, at least not that I know of. I guess I'll call Animal Control again Monday.



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you could try some tuna water, straight from the can, always works for me.

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Thanks! I just have tuna in oil but I did give him some of that. I think that may have helped some with his GI tract as that's working again now. He's been using the litter box enough today that I wonder if he's been drinking when I'm out of the room. He did eat a little dry cat food but I may buy some tuna in water tomorrow or some baby food anyway.

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glad to hear he is slowly improving! What a strong kitty!

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Had the same problem, dogs running loose killed my wifes cat in the back yard,Police were atvised , later the dog came back after a second cat on my deck, 12gauge remington 1100 shotgun stopped the mutt  12 ga 2 shot

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