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Cervix Trouble

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Just got back from a u/s and they said my cervix is in the "borderline" range, and it was measuring 2.5 - 2.7 cm. They never said the word funneling, but it looked funnel shaped to me. Of course in the last 10 mins I've become a google md (bad idea I know) and I am very scared of possible complications. It seems like the risk is substantial, though it could be a lot worse, and the thought of losing my baby at this stage is terrifying. I am 21 weeks today, so even that 28 week milestone seems light years away. Suddenly I feel so fragile, and I hate it. I drive many places every day for work, chug up and down stairs, and lug around a heavy bag.


Has anyone else dealt with a shortened cervix before? The u/s doctor said the only thing to look for was contractions, or, "if your water broke you would notice it." She said my regular doctor may want to see me to monitor things in the next couple of weeks, and I guess that's all I can do, but... I don't know, just scared, confused. My husband doesnt seem to get it and said "well that went pretty well." I am petite and only 5 ft tall, so maybe my cervix is naturally shorter? Well, I will stop rambling, but any thoughts?

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So sorry you're dealing with this Ozzy. I would suggest waiting to hear what your doctor has to say. Gosh, at this point any little out of the ordinary thing can drive us batty, can't it?!


Sending good thoughts your way!

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I know someone that had something similar and she got a "cerclage" which is basically where the doctor puts stitches in your cervix to make sure it stayed tightly closed. I can't remember if her cervix was just short or short and starting to open as well. Anyway, she had her full term healthy baby and everything turned out fine.

2.5 - 2.7 doesn't sound that bad to me. I think they like to see it at 3, right? Well, an imprecise ultrasound measurement could cause that difference. I'm super skeptical when it comes to ultrasound measurements these days though! :-)

I know you are worried. ((HUGS)). Sending you good vibes and hoping everything goes well at the doctor. Keep us updated!
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Cerclage has much better success when it is put in early - by 16 weeks or so - and has possible complications of causing preterm labor or infection. I've read 24 weeks is the cut off, so I may still be eligible but it doesn't sound like it would be a good idea unless things are definitely getting worse. 


I've read blurbs from moms who were put on bed rest at 2.5 cm, and read that measurements of 2.5 or less under 24 weeks is highly predictive of preterm labor...yikes. It looks like cerclage and bed rest are the only real treatment options, nothing middle-of-the-road.

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((hugs)) mama, no advice but I hope you get some answers soon. Let us know what they say!

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I have cervix issues.  I get a cerclage every pregnancy around 13-14 weeks.  This late in the pregnancy I'm not sure what they would do....likely consider bedrest.  The risk of preterm labor is very real with a shortened cervix.  Mine last measured 2.5cm WITH the cerclage and he is saying likely bedrest by 24 weeks. It sucks.  I wish I had more answers for you!  Good luck to you and your babe!

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Hi Ozzy - I just got worrisome ultrasound results too and wanted to chime in to say I'm so sorry you're going through this stress. What a long weekend this must have been, waiting to be able to call the doctor. I hope you were able to get in quickly this week because not knowing is the hardest! Hopefully you can get a second opinion because I think you're so right - "borderline" is very possibly just fine. Hang in there and let us know how it goes!

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Thank you everyone for thinking of me, it makes me feel a little better after a crappy day of work today. 

I played phone tag with my dr.s office, and they sounded more concerned than the u/s people. They asked me to come in tomorrow but closed early today and I couldn't get ahold of them (I harassed the lady at the after hours exchange, but no go) so I cancelled my clients tomorrow morning and am praying they are still able to see me in the morning. 


Ruby - I definitely feel your stress! It is hard to stay hopeful, be prepared, and still deal with everything else in your life while worrying about something potentially devastating happening to your baby. In both of our cases there is a high likelihood that everything will be fine, and that is what I try to keep in mind. 

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Thinking of you!

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Ozzy - You're in my thoughts! I hope you're able to see your dr first thing tomorrow so you can get some answers. Hugs!

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Wow. Umm now you have me freaked out. They said my cervix was 1.2 and that it was fine... I am 5'3 but I don't know if it has to do with being short.

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I saw the doctor this morning. 


She said they don't do treatment until the cervix is 2.0 cm or less (mine is 2.5) and the only treatment is progesterone since the cerclage has too many risks and bed rest "doesn't do anything."  No restrictions except no sex. I left feeling reassured...sort of. Though when I asked if she thought there was much risk her pause and then "I hope not." was unnerving. Overall she didn't seem that concerned, so I am trying not to be too concerned either and wait for my next u/s check in 3 weeks. 


Count me in the - I kind of wish I didn't know that - camp. Nothing is going to happen for now at least. Not knowing would have saved me a LOT of stress and I wouldn't have been up since 3 am this morning, and had to cancel clients, take time off work, and tell my supervisor what's going on for just a chat with the doctor. For now I am feeling okay, and hoping it lasts. 

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Ozzy, I don't really have any comforting words - just a nod of sympathy and a sincere prayer that in 3 weeks you get excellent news that this was all just blown out of proportion. Big Hugs.

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Aww hon. :-( I hope your result in three weeks goes really well...
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grouphug.gif I'm glad that the doctor didn't seem too concerned, and I'll be praying for you and hoping that the check in 3 weeks goes well! 

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I had my ultrasound and she said my cervix is 3.0, just at the bottom of where they want it to be. Not fabulous but a lot better to me than 2.5! Plus at least I am 3 weeks closer to term than last time, baby is bigger, and there was no funneling like last time. The last few weeks have been stressful with worry about this, two parents in the hospital with serious problems, and other things, so it is nice to get some good news!

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Ozzy, yay for the happy update!!
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Good new, Ozzy!  My providers said 2.0 was the "cut off" so 3.0 sounds great and I bet it will continue to move away from the cervix.  I'm glad things are looking good!  Sorry to hear about parents in the hospital though.

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I don't know how I missed this post the first time.  I'm glad to hear things are better now!  :)



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