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I agree with Kathy - people should be able to post or link to whatever site THEY feel is helpful to them. (within reason - I realize there are some sites like that are inappropraite for other reasons) If a person doesn't feel Mercola or Natural News is a trustworthy site, it is their right to discard the information, not look at the post - whatever. I personally do not feel either of the above sites are the end all be all, but have found articles there I find useful (not necessarily on vaccinations).


On the other hand, Mamakah, you say people should just not post things that do not have strong biases, yet most of the mainstream sites that are accepted as valid credible sources of information are LOADED with biases. There is very little information out there on either side of this complicated matter that is not tainted by some degree of bias. It is up to the reader/person doing the research to wade through all of the information and decide what is valid for them. Anything else is just censorship IMO.