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We should find a time in the future that works- far enough for anyone who needs to drive a bit (ahem, pdx ladies innocent.gif ) to plan to make it. Any thoughts anyone else? Suggestions?
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I'd love to be there.

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That sounds fun! The 22nd isn't any good for me, since my ILs will be visiting, but any other saturday in the foreseeable future is wide open :) 

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What if we aim for mid-October?  Plenty of notice, but before the holiday craziness. 

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Sounds good! What about venue? Some place where big kids can play, we can supervise easy, but won't be so busy "supervising" that we have no chance to visit! :) Parks and such might be hit and miss with the weather, so we might aim for indoor. Anyone know of an indoor play area that fits? Hey Christina, I haven't checked out Happy Nest, what ages is that good for? I could maybe host at my house but its not super big could get pretty cozy! It could work though. A potluck could be fun, if people are interested

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I think anyone over something like 4 or 5 might be bored at Happy Nest.

I am happy to host as well. My house isn't very big though.
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You've seen my house. How's yours compare, space wise? You're probably more central. I think there's more south end mamas than north end. Factor in Portland moms and even more so! 

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I cant think of any places around here older kids would like.  At all. 


I have a medium sized house...we have had family gatherings of 20+ where it feels small, but I do have a whole downstairs dedicated to older-kid play.  I live pretty far away from most of the WA moms, though...about an hour south.

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I'm happy to drive south.

I think our houses are probably about the same, Rachel.
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I don't mind driving either direction and October sounds good for us. I'm excited to meet you all!

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Whatever you guys plan, count me in! Oh and J, you are not alleged to have "vacation to Kaua'i" and a frowny face in the same sentence. JEALOUS.
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I do not like any of you and your get-together-ness. moon.gif

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