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Pregnancy acne help!

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Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone has or has had pregnancy acne? Since being pregnant, my skin has broken out on my forehead, sides of my face, checks and chin with cystic pimples, blackheads, and regular acne. It's terrible! I have never experienced this before and it hurts. I am embarrassed to leave my house. It's terrible. 


I went to the dermatologist and she put me on Azelex cream, which is safe to use while pregnant. Has anyone tried this cream? If not, what other solutions have you tried? She also said I could use some benzoyl perozide as spot treatment only on big pimples. Any other suggestions? 


Am I the only one suffering through this? I just want to enjoy my pregnancy, but these pimples are making me miserable.



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I don't have any solutions for you, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone. I had terrible pregnancy acne with my first DS and now with this pregnancy as well though not as bad as before. So sorry to hear you are going through this. I know its not easy and it takes a toll on you emotionally. My acne is mainly on my cheeks and chin. Its frustrating as well b/c it seems like not many women have this experience in pregnancy, at least that I can see and no one really talks about it. I'm planning on getting laser treatments after the pregnancy and once I'm done with breastfeeding. HOpefully by then my acne will have settled down and then I'll just have to treat the scarring. (btw I had acne while breastfeeding as well)

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i have had a couple of outbreaks but nothing serious except on my back at the bottom of my neck. every day i find something new back there and it hurts. not to mention it is embarrassing.

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My skin is a disaster, especially in the past few weeks (I'm 17 weeks today). Dehydrated, irritated and congested all at once.

I booked a facial for next weekend (best Christmas present ever) and can't wait to get a good old steam + extractions + mask, which should help calm my skin for a few weeks.

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I always get lots of blackheads and these tiny little whiteheads ALL around my face while I'm pregnant. It's pretty terrible considering I had fairly nice skin all through my teenage years!!! I also get this one zit on my chin that just comes and goes all through the pregnancy. yuck. My skin is also VERY flaky when I'm pregnant, even though it is also oily... like SHINY, oily. I just don't get that at all. OH, and the bacne. I could totally do without the back breakouts, but at least they are not seen by everyone since I generally wear a shirt. :) 

When the baby is born and I start breastfeeding, the tiny whiteheads will go away and my back will clear up, but my skin will be drier than ever and my jawline, neck, and decolletage will break out! These will be tiny but painful bumps that get very red... and they will remain until my cycles return, sometime around a year pp. I don't know what would happen at weaning, since I've been mid-pregnancy every time I've had a baby wean, so far!!

I haven't found any miracle treatments... I just wash my face regularly with warm water and a washcloth, moisturize a couple times a day, and spot-treat the really heinous stuff with Neutrogena spot treatment (bc one of the only OTC creams that's benzoyl peroxide instead of salicylic acid).


YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! ;) It's just one of those things that don't make the cover of FitPregnancy. 

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I have gross acne on my forehead and chest that seemed to start the day after my BFP.  It's hasn't gotten any better since.  I usually have pretty good skin so this is a change.  I had beautiful, glowing skin with DS so I'm convinced that the gross skin this time around means I'm having a girl.  I don't have any solutions for you but I sympathize. 

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Hi everyone!

First post, that's why I'll be short.

You can find great acne removal tips with vitamin and mineral supplements list for acne treatment here http://easyurl.co/kd1myg







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I'm use Oregano oil with olive oil. Good on skin for brake outs. I love how they tell us we can take this or that drug or rub on this or that chemical and call it safe because there are NO trials to prove unsafe. Can anyone say human lab rat. Be careful with what drugs that want you to take. Acetaminophen for is said safe but it kills the liver fast. how is that safe on a babies developing liver.

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Check out Amalou Skin...a new face care line created by moms (with experts of course) specifically for pregnancy acne and skin discoloration.  There's a great review of the line on Smart Mommy Healthy Baby ...http://smartmommyhealthybaby.com/2012/02/amalou-skin-maternity-conscious-skin-care

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