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Auburn, AL area

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My DH has accepted a job teaching at Auburn University starting in August, so we will likely be moving down that way in May/June. I'd love to connect with some other like minded Mamas. I'm also looking for info on a good pediatrician.
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Bumping this up. Is there really not even a single person here in the Auburn/Opelika area? 


I have not been able to find a pediatrician that seems like a good fit for us... no vax, extended breastfeeding, no circ, etc. 


Please help!

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Hi MommytoHHH,

I live in Montgomery and have had a lot of trouble finding like minded people as well.   Birmingham might be the closest and you might want to see if there is a Le Leche League in that area...that might be your best bet.


We do not vax either but we see the peds on a military base.   If you do not find a ped in Auburn and think you might want to come to Mont, let me know.  I do remember my ob/gyn recommending a female doctor who might be more 'accepting' of my vax choices.  I can always call him back up and get the referral.  Let me know.  Also, I do not know if you are familiar with the Weston Price Foundation but I just connected with a lady in Auburn who is a member and manages a food co-op who also might be helpful.  If you are interested, I can try to connect you two.


Best of luck!

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