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Help me turn him into a baby wearing daddy!

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I'm looking for suggestions on what type of carrier to get my DH, I'm due in March and already have a ring sling. I know he wore his son quite a bit in a frame type back carrier and he isn't interested in trying a Moby. He isn't opposed to the idea of baby wearing but definitely leaving it up to me to find something suitable manly, maybe a Mei Tai would work?. Something I can find inexpensively or used would be super.



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My (Navy enlisted ;) Husband wears the camel colored Ergo with stars. He became really excited about the Moby when we bought him a dragon print Moby. But we're looking into other options too. I want a Mei Tai, and a woven wrap. :)

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Dh hated all the carriers until I bought a Boba. They come in a plain gray and just black as well as other colors.


For my Dh it was the most comfortable, while still looking 'manly' he is and has willingly volenteered to wear our sons since getting these (I have two) with our first he rarely wore him and complained at lot (this was with a  Mei Tai) The Boba kinda looks like a super hiking backpack (to me anyway)

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I live in Santa Cruz Ca. and recently did a photo shoot for a new company called Onya Baby. In return they let me choose a carrier, I choose the Orange and Slate Gray Outback model. Once my husband got a hold of it there was no turning back! He loves it! The only drawback was that it is for older babies, not for newborns, use a wrap,then make the switch once they get a bit older. My little girl was four months when we got it and she fits in it nicely. It also has a chair option, that ties onto most chairs which is nice for stopping at the coffee shop! Good luck!

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My husband got the brown organic ergo-baby carrier, but he ended up thinking it made him look like a tool.  When I got the moby wrap (which always looked goofy to me in adds) he was resistant but ended up loving it after one use.  I know you said he didn't want a moby, but they don't have to be as goofy-looking as they're usually shown.  You don't have to pull the sides over your shoulders so it looks like you're wearing a t-shirt with a baby stuck in it.  Anyway, I thought it was worth letting you know.

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cool, I will have to look at those, there are so many choices!


His response to the Moby (after seeing a friend wear one) was "that's a lot of fabric, I will overheat and die, then you will miss me"

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He'll wear a Didymos woven wrap [like a Moby that isn't stretchy], and he likes our Maya Wrap [a ring sling], but he prefers the Ergo.

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Ha! My husband just read that and was like, "he's totally right, wearing that thing is a desperate measure."

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Ergo all the way for my hubby.  He's worn the mei tai as well but only because we didn't have the Ergo with us.

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The Ergo is my DH's fav but he'll wear anything really.
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Yea, my husband agreed to wear anything (including my brown, cherry blossom print Moby - he just doesn't care) but I specifically bought the (stupidly more expensive) chocolate brown Ergo for when the baby is older because I knew he'd be more comfortable in it.

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My husband thought the moby was rediculous...until he came to me with it in his hands one day asking to put it on him so he could have skin tim with our daughter ;-)  he still can't figure out how to put it on himself, but he loves wearing it around the house with her, he goes shirtless so it's not so warm, and he's worn it at friends houses (not shirtless then!) and he even decided the back cover, the final one that comes up over the rump, makes a great cupholder on the side, men! :-P

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If you have any DIY in you, make a mei tai with his favorite team logo.  Or buy one and use an iron on patch.  If your DH does not like sports, then pick another interest and customize it to something he identifies with.  If that does not work then tell him how sexy a man with a baby is.  My DH always laughs about how the best way to "pick up chics" (and he says it jokingly) is to wear the baby.  More women approach him oohing & aweing over a man in a moby than they ever did when he walked the dog LOL.

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