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I've heard of this gender predicting test you can get at the drug stores in the US. We don't have that product here in Canada, so I forget what it's called. It measures the levels of something or other in your urine to determine the gender. If you do it far enough along, it's supposed to be fairly accurate. I want to say I read that it's 80% or something? Have any of you ladies tried one of those tests? I'm curious as to how accurate they actually are.


That is the intelligender test. I haven't taken it but it's supposed to measure the acid/alkaline of your urine. I believe that is the basis of baking soda/drain0/bleach tests too (with acidic ruin pointing to boy & alkaline urine for girl, I believe)

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Just tried the old wives tale (as far as I could go being only 14 weeks along) and the Chinese chart and both say boy which goes along well with the stats in my husband's family- 6 brothers have kids and 5 have boys for their first born. The 6th brother has 3 girls, so he throws off the line a bit, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out its a boy since my husband has 8 brothers and 5 sisters. (BIG family *grins*) He swears its going to be a girl because he knows that's what I want so we'll see here in a few weeks.

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Chinese gender chart says girl.


I'm sure it's a girl, too.  I'm too early for the ultrasound, but I know.  I just know.






(And I really want another boy!)

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I'm curious for the women who have found out what they're having (all boys so far!), were any of these tests right for you?

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None. Everything said I should be having a girl! lol 

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So I decided to go back to 2010 (on my Facebook timeline) to see how my dad's record is of predicting gender. He insisted Mae would be a girl. He insisted my nephew Liam would be a boy... and now, he insists I'm having another boy.

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My dad always said I'd have all boys -- and for almost 11 years, he's been right! Suddenly this pregnancy he's decided there's a possibility I might have a girl!  LOL.  That one shocked me -- I figured he'd hold out until proven wrong!  Hoping to find out through u/s in March.  I have no patience to wait if I don't have to!


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I'm curious for the women who have found out what they're having (all boys so far!), were any of these tests right for you?


All wrong for me!  I tried the ring on a string, peeing on baking soda, chinese gender predictor, and a couple of the online quizzes that are based on old wives' tales.  EVERYTHING said girl, also including my abnormally sore boobs, but all were wrong- our baby is most definitely a boy.

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Based on old wives' tales I got 67% chance of girls and 33% chance of boys. Clearly things have changed, but I don't think they account for more than one babe. Mine will be only one gender, but I still think the experience is different.

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Everything was wrong for me. Every test and "symptom" I had said girl (chinese gender, baking soda, old wives, sore boobs, hb in the 160s) but there was definately a giant penis on the ultrasound. Even before the tech said it I could plainly see it lol. DH was a little disappointed but as far as I could tell the baby had a developed 4 chamber heart, which is what is truly important to me. We will be going to another (level 2) ultrasound to look mainly at the heart in a couple weeks and Im sure they will look at gender again, but there was no mistaking it lol.

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Well, my instincts have said boy. But old wives tales, chinese gender prediction, and drano all say Girl. I have an ultrasound in a few weeks to find out!
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Well since dp and I have switched to team green, I suppose I should start the gender predicting.  Chinese gender chart says boy for me.  I've been thinking of this little one as a boy, but we'll see...

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Originally Posted by Shinyredstar View Post

I've done the Chinese Gender Chart, the ring test, the peeing on baking soda test, and looked at most of the old wive's tales tests. Pretty sure there's either a hiding twin or I'm having a hermaphrodite.

Today we found out that (unless there was an error in the determination) we're having a girl. So... the Chinese Gender chart, cravings (sweet/fruity vs. salty/meaty), and acne tests were all correct. The baking soda test was not. This pregnancy has definitely been different for me - very sick with morning (and noon, and night) sickness with my sons, almost none at all with this one. I think that's all I looked at. Can't really determine belly shape yet and hadn't done the ring on a string test.



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In my case, unless there was an error, the Chinese gender chart and the sort of consolidated old wives' tale quiz I took were wrong (as well as my tarot card reader and my "intuition")--all said boy. Baking soda test and heart rate were right. LOL!

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I just did the baking soda test and the draino test, and they both say girl. That's what my instincts say too. I guess we'll see...

The Chinese calendar is wrong for me 2/3 times, so I don't trust it. My symptoms have been pretty different with male and female pregnancies though, so that's what I tend to look at.

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Okay- so Chinese test was right, but old wives' tale quiz was wrong (assuming things are confirmed in a few weeks). Also, my hunch was right. We got a guess at boys (as in looking boyish) yesterday at 16 weeks 5 days. Looked pretty clear to me.

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For us the chinese predictor, it was wrong with baby #1, right with #2 AND RIGHT THIS TIME with #3! It's a girl.
The wives tales ones i've done were right too. I didn't do the baking soda one though.

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Originally Posted by Nicole730 View Post

Well, my instincts have said boy. But old wives tales, chinese gender prediction, and drano all say Girl. I have an ultrasound in a few weeks to find out!

My instincts were wrong and the silly gender predictors were correct.  I am having a girl!

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Congratulations, Nicole! energy.gif

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Mayan (maternal age and year of conception are both even or both odd = girl), Chinese Calendar, and Heartbeat all predicted girl and US yesterday at 21 weeks says they are right. Oh, and the craving sweets too.

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