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Preparing for summer travel

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It's early, I know.  But I need to plan to make it through the miserable cold!


This summer, we are planning a week trip to the outer banks with family in a rental house, a long weekend to DC, and maybe a music festival or two.  We also might do a trapse to the woods for camping if our work schedules will allow it.


Babe is very fair, and DH is prone to horrible sunburn/sun poisoning.  Can any of you mamas recommend good summer clothes for a baby to be outside in?  Also, I know breastmilk covers their hydration needs most of the time, but if it is hotter out and she isn't nursing more than normal, should we offer some water?  Are some sunscreens better than others?  What do you recommend?  How long is it typically 'safe' to have babies outside during the day? 


How do babies keep schedules when traveling?  Pretty well?  We will probably just sleep with her or bring the pack n play we use at home, but I'm not sure how sensitive they are to their environments as older infants.


Sorry for the silly questions!

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Sounds like some fun plans!


Re: being in the sun, we make babies so pale they are almost translucent, so this is a big thing for us. We use shade as much as possible. I.e., an umbrella/tent on the beach, a big hat and full coverage bathing suit in the water. Once the babe is six months, we also use sunscreen or sunblock if we have to. Priorities for choosing: 1) Made for babies, 2) No parabens. I don't put it on their hands or face. Face is protected by wide-brimmed hats; hands go in the mouth all the time and no cream is really ideal for eating.


Re: hydration, I know that breastmilk is enough if you are exclusively breastfeeding. It changes composition somewhat when your body is hot, and the babe will get a big dose of hydration in the first minute or two of nursing. For exclusively formula fed babies, the recommendations I have seen are that they can either have extra formula or small amounts of water (like a couple of ounces) if they seem thirsty. I'm not sure how it works with mixed feeding. I would check this with your babe's care provider, but my approach would be to just offer to feed more often, whether that's breastfeeding or formula.


Re: staying on sleep schedule, I think it really depends on the baby. Mine have always traveled really well, including overseas with time zone changes. My sister's kids, OTOH, get completely off schedule every time they come to visit (six hour time difference.) Does she sleep in the pack and play now? If not, you might want to try having her get used to being in it at home, and that might help when traveling.

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that does sound fun!

By the summer your baby will be 7+ months so things are definately different.


-She may have started solid foods by then and if that is the case a sippy cup (or we use straw cups) with water can be good. We always offer breastmilk before solids or water are offered.


-Whatever your sleeping arrangements are at home stick with them while traveling. If she sleeps with you then keep her sleeping with you (depending on the size of the bed you will be staying in you might need a bed rail). If she sleeps in a pack-n-play then use that. If she sleeps in a crib then you might be able to rent or borrow one.


-Schedules- we have always had schedules that were a bit flexible and my kids tend to do really well while traveling. We try to stick to our routine as best as possible but even when it fluxuates (whether traveling or at home) they seem to do ok. I think if you have a really rigid routine than the kids have a harder time.


-sunscreen- I try to avoid it (don't use it every day) but if we will be out in the sun all day I try to apply a sunscreen made especially for babies that doesn't contain parabins or artificial fragrences (the fragrences tend to give all of us hives). We also use wide brim hats and full coverage suits (long sleeve swim shirts work great). Getting them used to sunglasses at an early age is good too.


-packing- remember you don't have to bring your entire house for the baby to be ok:) (something I still am working on). For a baby that age (depending on if they spit up a lot or are on solid foods) I tend to pack about 2 outfits per day. More if they spit up or eat less if I have access to laundry.


- Renting- If you need any equipment that you don't want to lug with you just google baby equipment rental companies (and insert where you are going). It is a great industry ( I am a bit biased:)... we own Travelin' Tots Rentals) but it has saved us while traveling on many ocassions.



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get a couple of wide-brimmed hats so you have some choices depending on what baby likes and what fits her. its nice to have a chin strap on some to help keep them on. We had some from this company (they were hand-me-downs): http://www.flaphappy.com/- and they were nice, washable, comfy, simple.


One-piece zip up swim-suits can be good sun protection. Also beach umbrellas- good call. Make some shade. But babies can't swim, so they can also just wear clothes (light-colored cotton clothes...)


I've traveled a bunch with my kids. I try to keep it really simple in terms of what I bring. Things like a travel clip-on chair can be nice (like this: http://philandteds.com/products/feed/metoo-portable-high-chair) and lots of kids in NYC- in small apartments- use them at home too. I have one that my second daughter is using, we've had since our first was a baby. If there is laundry, you can bring a lot less, of course.


Agree- whatever your sleeping arrangements at home, try to maintain that as best you can on your trip. Don't sweat it too much if routines get a bit off.

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