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Daily check-in: January 14th

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Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller??  I wonder how many of us are left...


Today's my official due date (although by ovulation and cycle length I'm 2 days overdue).  My mom put acupuncture needles in me yesterday afternoon, which got a few contractions going and baby was very active... But then overnight they faded (I had an awful night, though, probably slept about 3 hours total).  One more try today, the baby is very low and active, I feel lots of pressure and a strong desire to stay home.  


What's everyone else up to????

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I did Zumba this morning (*totally* phoned it in, though) and then went out to lunch with my clan and stopped into the grocery store.  My daughter has a few more "screen minutes" (Leepster time) and then we're all off for a nap.  YAWN...I didn't sleep well last night.


It's a boring day around here today.  I *might* finish a Handmade Holidays gift later today...or I might just veg out and do nothing.  Decisions, decisions...


Hope your girl comes soon, Pilar. :)


I'm in this weird spot where I'm ready to be done, but I can't wish for anything because my husband is traveling for work on Thursday and Friday and he must be here!  Plus, I thought we had both sets of names picked out and we both realized that isn't the case.  *Sigh*  It was a very defeating evening...which is likely why I didn't sleep well!

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I am still here (due 1/18) and very anxious to meet this baby. I was having all sorts of menstrual-like cramps, cervical pain, etc, from about 36 weeks, so I guess I was expecting baby a little early. No such luck; things have basically come to a standstill this past week, and I am about convinced that I will be pregnant forever. DP keeps reminding me that the due date hasn't even come, and that first babies come late, but frankly, hearing that from him just makes me frustrated. 


I am managing to get lots of crafting done, and my kitchen is cleaner than its been the whole 3 years we've lived here....but I just want to hold my sweet little one!!....Maybe its time to step it up to longer (3+!?!) mile walks each day, more sex, etc.....Its hard to be patient!


Pilar - good idea about accupunture - I think I'll have DP needle a few points and see where that goes...

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i feel so pregnant today.


we went out and stocked up groceries for the weeks ahead.  the chest freezer is officially too full to close anymore.  i have a hamper of laundry pressing it closed.  gotta get in there in the next few days and get everything organized.  i'm hoping that all my work pays off after the baby is here- i've prepared a lot of food over the past months.


we're going to a family party out-of-state tomorrow, to celebrate january birthdays, including my almost-4-year-old.  i'm making a cake and some munchies this afternoon.  continuing to pick away at my dwindling to-do list.  i think i'll make some postpartum pads to freeze.


the more the baby drops, the more comfortable this birthing ball is becoming.


i hope everyone else is having a good weekend.  thinking of you guys in labor!


demoonunit, how are you, friend? 

hannabee, you still there?  nishag?  i hope you guys have babies in your arms!

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Awe heck I'm still here.


Tired and nitpicky is what I am. Gonna take a nap here in a minute though I haven't done anything really today except go grocery shopping for about an hour. Lots of pre-labor going on, for days now having mucous plug randomly come out, cramping, tired and always HUNGRY! And STILL dealing with this sciatic pain..it is terrible in fact I tend to shreik in pain if I step or move a wrong way - ugh!


Everyone is getting..not annoyed..but I guess frustrated and confused why this baby is taking so long. I'm 41 weeks today..:/


And still looking for a dresser for this baby's room..I'm on a really tight budget so finding something is difficult.


*shrugs* I guess that's all I've got - same old same old around here! Had I known I would have stayed working..


Where is everyone? Oh that's right - they've had their babies! lol!

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here here!! i'm still here!!


i didn't mean to make that sound so exciting...i'm not that thrilled, to be honest wink1.gif


nothing to exciting happening here...no contractions, nothing. oh well :) we'll see what the day brings!

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No baby in my house yet! I have 1 more week until I am due and then who knows if I will continue on past that or not.... time will tell! I am not really doing much of anything to try to get things moving either..... mostly cause I feel like that stuff doesn't actually work unless someone is REALLY ready to have a baby and otherwise it would just get me all excited with contractions and then nothing more.... which would make waiting sooooooo much harder. With my last baby I did castor oil, herbs, cumin tea, swinging, walking, sex multiple times a day, stripping membranes, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc, etc, etc and I was finally induced at 43 weeks with AROM in the hospital. I spent those last weeks MISERABLE as I kept trying to get things going. So, this time around I am just chilling until I hit more in the 41-42 week time frame and then will maybe try a thing or two (or not, if it looks unlikely to work anyhow). 


The only things I am trying this next week is my husband is going to make eggplant parmesan, but that looks delicious anyhow and we might do a spicy curry dish the next night, but I ADORE Thai food. So, basically, I am finding all these good recipes that I can have him make with the "excuse" that they might start labor. If labor starts then that is a score and if not then my belly will be content. Totally win-win :)


The constant emails have started though from people checking in to see if I have had a baby yet. That is going to get old really quick. And then I just remind myself to feel blessed to have people who are so excited for us that they cannot help themselves in wanting to check in and to share their excitement with me. That makes it much easier to feel grateful rather than burdened :)

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I'm here too.  No changes with baby.  I don't expect any for a while.  My EDD is next Saturday.  I worked this AM then this afternoon my husband wanted to go out for ice cream (in 35 degree weather?!?) but I certainly wasn't going to object so we went to Friendly's for sundaes.  YUM!  


I will probably try to get some more sewing done today.  Tomorrow I'm taking DS to a Bday party and then it's big playoff parties for the Ravens game.  I've never lived in a place where people went so crazy for a professional football team!!


While I'm really tired of being pregnant, I'm not anxious at all for this baby to get here yet.  I really prepared myself for a late baby after going so late last time.  Last time I went for lots of acupuncture at 40-41 weeks but never even got a contraction from it.  At 41 weeks I started getting my membranes stripped daily.  Who knows if it helped or if he would have come anyway at 42 weeks.  Like MidwifeErika, I'm just chilling until 41 weeks, then I'll really try some things since they'll induce me at 41+5 or 6 here.  Boo.  I'll be quite devastated if I have to get a medical induction...but it's still a few weeks off.


Can't wait to hear about all the babes that decided to make an appearance this weekend!  Hope everyone has a relaxing evening.

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june - I'm there with ya, mama. She wanted to schedule me for an induction when I was there Friday and I really don't want it to go that far ):I'll be devastated as well! This baby seems so content to just stay where she is I don't think she'll ever come out. I take EPO, that's about it. Midwife told me to try cohosh but really it's not in my budget to take a chance on something not helping.


Just keep hoping, hoping, hoping..!



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Kaitlyn - I can't believe they already want to schedule you for an induction, you're only 41 weeks!!  Hang in there, girl!


OK, I had to put a stop to my mom.  I know she means well, but after she does acupuncture she keeps asking ever 30 minutes if I feel something.  I went for a 20 min. walk by myself and when I came back the first thing she asked was: "Do you feel anything??"  I told her I don't want to be like a goldfish in a fishbowl and I think she got the message... ugh... I've been talking with baby, telling her about all the beautiful things there are to see and all the people who are waiting for her.  Her movements feel so strong, which make me happy.  :)  Like Kaitlyn said, let's keep hoping, hoping, hoping!!

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i'm thinking of you guys who are soooo close.  one of these hours, labor is going to start, and this waiting (and pregnancy!) is all going to be over.


soon, my friends!  goodvibes.gif

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Still here. By my calculations I'm 40 weeks today and in between the multiple "due" dates I've calculated. The latest one is the 17th and ds3 came 6 days after his latest date so I'm really not expecting anything for at least a couple more days, but I also will be surprised if I'm still pregnant by next weekend.


Dh is terrified, although I'm sure he'll be a lot better after the birth. He wants it over with, but doesn't want to deal with it.


Meanwhile, I feel like I'm waiting for my execution instead of a baby. I hate the unknowns of birth. I wish I could just get a memo about what's going to happen and what day in advance and then I'd be perfectly happy living my life until the appointed time. Too bad it doesn't work that way. lol


My birthing space is, finally, all set up, unless I feel like doing some extra things to it like posters or I find another blanket somewhere to stick under the pool. I have 1 video tape clear for the birth and hope I can get dh to clear one more, just in case. I'm also reading the manual to figure out how to film in low light. I haven't used the camera in over a year. Assuming we remember to turn on the camera this time. It barely got remembered with ds3. I've got towels, housecoat, baby blanket & hat to take down to the basement next time I go. They can get thrown in the dryer while I'm pushing to warm them up for us. Just need to add the bowl for the placenta, plus scissors and something to tie the cord. Might leave those last 2 upstairs, depends how hard it is to move baby & placenta after the birth.


I'm hoping to make another set of baby legs from socks and get a few sewing repairs made, but those are just something to do besides sitting staring at the computer.


And now I guess I'd better get started making supper or it's going to be 8 before we eat, again.

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@ kaitlyn - have you tried looking on your local craigslist in the free section for a dresser?  I just looked in mine and saw a few so I am hoping you can find one :-) 


@ devaskyka I'm so glad for you that you feel your birthing space is ready!  I'm not there yet!


@ midwifeerika I love the excuse to get your DH to make you such yummy food!


I'm feeling pretty content today, too much so as I still have some much needed cleaning to do.  I have finally purchased all of the "things" I need to have for when the baby arrives, and that feels good.  I'm mostly just focusing my intentions on clearing up this GBS right now. I do try to be mindful to take the EPO and homeopathy, walk, sex and such as I'd really like to meet this LO sooner than later, but all things in due time right?


Does anyone else's DH snore?  I literally cannot sleep next to him.  I think my hormones are preparing me for sleeping next to a baby, but just being next to another body (especially a snoring one) makes it impossible to sleep!  I have been sleeping in the guest room every night, and I feel a little bad about it :-(



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Element - I've been checking every day - apparently the Cleveland area doesn't give anything away for free! This one ad wanted 10 dollars for this piece of junk that should be sitting on the curb! lol


So, I need some comfort. I came across articles on the internet (I shouldn't have read them), one of which being that "dieters gain more weight during pregnancy than nondieters" I was dieting/working out pre-baby and in that time I got pregnant. The article states that women like me, use pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight. That is so frustrating to me! And then I read articles about how excessive weight gain during pregnancy leads to unhealthy babies and overly large babies..and it all goes on. See, I told you I should've stopped.


I never used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted - I certainly wasn't hitting up McDonald's every day. Did I indulge in carbs? Sure did, cereal was/is my best friend. But now I just feel overly crappy like I did something bad for my child.


I started out at a healthy weight, and much to my surprise and dismay, I've gained around (+/-) 60 pounds with this pregnancy. And I really have no idea how..I eat a lot of fruit (I could stand to eat more veggies instead..) but I don't know..I don't have a lot of room to eat a ton. So what gives? I know every pregnancy is different - I keep trying to tell myself that..but now I have these articles burned in my brain.


Anyone else relate? Or am I the only one fretting? Stupid internet! (;

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Still here over here too.  My due date's today or tomorrow-- could be either both by my reckoning and by ultrasound.   I haven't wanted to say this out loud to anyone because I don't want to jinx it but-- for some reason today, I am suddenly feeling VERY close.  Like, maybe labor will start tomorrow or Monday.  This is a total 180 from yesterday, when I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever. 


The one "sign" that points towards possible impending labor is that I've thrown up basically everything I've ingested today.  It's like my digestive system has just closed for business all of a sudden.  I feel fine, not fevery or anything, and I didn't eat anything strange and no one else in my family is stomach-sick... so... maybe.  Mayyyybe.

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Still here. Still very pregnant.  Yesterday I officially hit the completely uncomfortable ALL THE DAMNED TIME mark.  Ugh.  So ready for this to be done.  I swear I am talking more to my belly these days than anyone else  orngtongue.gif  Mommy is ready to meet you.  Mommy is anxious to hear you cry.  Mommy wants to hold you in her arms already.  You can come out anytime now!!

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devaskyla, how did the henna turn out?  orngbiggrin.gif

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They're right about the result, but idiotically wrong about the reason. The reason women who've been dieting gain more weight during pregnancy is that dieting tells your body you're living in a time of famine. It puts your body in starvation mode. So when you start eating properly for pregnancy, your body is much more efficient about hanging onto every thing it can in case you have another "famine" while pregnant. It is entirely to protect the baby in case you have another period of starvation.


Blaming it on over eating or eating junk is just idiocy and a complete lack of understanding of basic biology.

Originally Posted by Kaitlyn811 View Post

So, I need some comfort. I came across articles on the internet (I shouldn't have read them), one of which being that "dieters gain more weight during pregnancy than nondieters" I was dieting/working out pre-baby and in that time I got pregnant. The article states that women like me, use pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight. That is so frustrating to me! And then I read articles about how excessive weight gain during pregnancy leads to unhealthy babies and overly large babies..and it all goes on. See, I told you I should've stopped.


HCM, we haven't done it yet. Procrastination, I haz it. lol I was waiting for dh's back to recover from doing the cast. I'll see if I can convince him today.

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