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Fermented Veggies

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My only experience with fermentation so far has been with kefir water and beer. I love my fermented beverages so much, I think I'm ready to dive into the world of fermented food! I'd like to start with fermented ginger carrots, but I'm currently dairy free so I'd like to avoid using whey. Does anyone know if it's possible to do it without whey? Any insight would be great. Thanks!

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Double the celtic sea salt.  I am pretty sure that is what Sally Fallon says to do.  


Funny I just whipped up a batch of kimchi.  And since my hands are still burning because I am not smart enough to wear gloves I will post the recipe.


I head of napa cabbage in excellent condition- cut it up (I shred mine into about 1/4" strips)

grated ginger- I use about 2"

4 cloves of chopped garlic

2 t crushed red pepper

2 T celtic sea salt


mix an knead in a big bowl until the water starts coming out of the cabbage- might take about 10 minutes.  Pack in canning jars and make sure there is liquid over the cabbage.  Seal and leave on the counter for a couple of days then refrigerate. 


I have made quarts of this before and just put them in my pantry and they do fine.


I also love fermented turnips which are sooo easy.


Peel and cut your turnips into matchsticks and pack tightly in a canning jar.  Add 2 T celtic sea salt to it and fill with filtered water.  Put on the lid and let it do its thing.  Amazing after a couple of weeks.


We aren't huge fans of the gingered carrots here.

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I think Sally Fallon's gingered carrots are way too salty already.  You can use a vegetable starter culture like Body Ecology.  I'm pretty sure Cultures for Health has ones you can order.

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