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scarlet fever?!

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5 yr old ds tested positive yesterday, boo. any advice? experience? 

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Scarlet fever?! WOW. Any idea where she picked it up? That's pretty unusual. Poor kiddo.

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Scarlet fever is from strep...poor kiddo.

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 it is unusual! i was surprised, and then scared because there is a lot of literature and experience out there from a time when it claimed lives and caused permanent damage. sigh. ds is on the up and up it seems and i am grateful. 

no specific idea where he caught it, only i will say that he goes to an extremely multicultural school -a quality i love about it-however i had the thought that through the recent holidays perhaps some of the kids or their parents/relatives traveled to distant lands and picked up bugs uncommon to canada. who knows? 


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My kid had it when she was a baby.  It was scary, but a round of antibiotics cleared it up immediately.

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It has nothing to do with diversity. It is cause by A Strep which is really everywhere. Scarlet Fever often get misdiagnosed.

It can cause sever heart damage and sking infection.  If you doctor wants to prescribe antibiotics, you should do it.

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I didn't know that it is basically a form of "strep throat". I wonder why a few people develop scarlet fever while most people don't?



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it gets misdiagnosed meaning it is more prevalent than one would think? we're on day 2 of antibiotics, and it seems to be making a big difference already. 

i knew strep was the origin of sf, and that strep is quite common but i guess i thought it was less common strain of it . 

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it is more common than people think.

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