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Feedback on Paula Greer, CNM?

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My midwife is not currently practicing and I need to find someone for well-woman care.  I just found out there's a CNM at the BWMC not 5 minutes from my house, Paula Greer, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with her.  I'd love any feedback you could give me!

I could go back to Bay Area but I'm not an enormous fan of that group and I'd prefer to go somewhere closer to my home if possible.


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I know this is a little late but Paula is AMAZING! She was my midwife throughout my pregnancy (ultimately i had to have a c-section) but she delivered my niece and was just great! I can't say enough great things about her.

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Hijacking this thread a bit...I had never heard of bwmc until they recently started running commercials on tv. Does anyone else have experience birthing there? Their website lists a ton if info I've never seen on a typical hospital site. The info on preeclampsia and vbac I notc because those are the two that apply to me. I can't find any c-section or vbac stats for em on the unnecessarian or ican. Did they change their name or something? Their website says they've been around since 1970s.

Some forums I stumbled on said the place was awful, but perhaps they're reinventing themselves with the new commercials and all.

Anyone know the scoop?
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BWMC was north arundel hospital until maybe 5 years ago then the name change with joining with U of Md. They stopped delivering in the 1970s and just opened their L+D unit 2.5 Years ago.

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Thanks so much for the info!
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I had a homebirth midwife tell me that she couldn't take me on as a VBAC because she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with local hospitals. She's a great midwife and I understood, even though I didn't like it, her side.


That being said, it was tough to hear. I will not lie and say that my heart felt like it was breaking into pieces.


Are you sure it's ok to post negative things about a midwife on here? I know it's all fact but I've had posts deleted for less. Hope it's "ok" here - wish we didn't have to "censor" here. :(

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I'm not saying you should not share your opinion, not at all, only suggesting that posts which share a negative review of a provider tend to get moderated as against TOU ... or something ... of the site.


I think the powers that be like those to go on the reviews page and not in the forums. But they haven't said anything, so I guess it is ok.

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She works out of the practice I go to and I will be meeting her today.  I was actually on a search for birthing reviews from BWMC.  Anyone have any?  I am 32 weeks today and am a FTM.  So far I am not too nervous.  I love my doctor and the only negativity I have experienced is the sonographer at the hospital.  I went there for my nT scan and Anomaly scan.  Doctor was fine for the NT scan but had a terrible bedside manner when I returned for both of my anomaly scans....

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Im a FTM and had a wonderful experience at BWMC I switched to the bwmc midwives' practice at 35 weeks because I was unhappy with my previous caregivers and all three of them were more than happy to help me have the low tech birth I wanted. Kathleen o'Brian ended up being the one at the hospital when I went in to labor and she along with the nurses were fantastic and followed my birth plan of laboring in the tub without any intervention. A few things postpartum weren't great, first, the LC only works weekdays. DS was born Friday afternoon so I only met her once. another problem i had with the hospital is the food, it was beyond horrible, so I'd suggest bringing something I'm happy to talk about my experience if you want to pm me
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Hello. I've removed a number of posts from this thread that contained negative reviews. When posting about practitioners and hospitals, please refer to Mothering's Policy, which is excerpted below:


Positive healthcare provider reviews are welcome. Please use careful language when responding to or soliciting a review. We do not wish to host negative remarks or comments about practitioners, practices, hospitals or healthcare centers that might cast them in a negative light and which would present liability concerns for you and for Mothering.
As an alternative to posting a negative review, members are welcome to use the Private Message (PM) system to convey information that might not be appropriate for the public boards. Posts or threads that cast healthcare providers, practices or centers in a negative light are not appropriate and will be removed.


If you have any questions, please post them in the Site Help forum or PM an admin or moderator.

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