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Good thread.  We have a policy of number of invitees equal to child's age at birthday.  Keeps the numbers low.


For dd's 4th birthday, we had a grab bag gift exchange for party with friends at our home.  This way I did not feel like I had to go overboard on party favors (I sewed a headband for each girl).  Daughter wasn't super keen on the gift exchange at first ($10 or less), but that was a non-negotiable for the party.  I don't want her to have a strong association that party means presents.  The other girls who attended really liked getting to go home with a gift and other parents were also supportive of the idea. 


In addition, when DD attends friends birthdays, we have recently been giving "science experiments" as gifts.  Most recently we have given the baking soda/vinegar volcano experiment.  It was a hit!  My daughter helps my husband prepare the gift (check the ratios and the appropriateness of the container for making the volcano) and it gets her more involved in the gift.  We'll probably give a different experiment every year; so 2012 will be volcanos, 2013 something else, etc.

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I would say 90% of the birthdays we go to are 'your presence is present enough' parties. Although I think 5 is the oldest age we've gone to that was so.

At ds's school that is the norm more than not and I love it. We do presents for close friends and those who don't have no gift parties but most of the invitations ask for no gifts.
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Decorating cupcakes always seems to go down well when I've done it with kids, that siad it doesn't take some of them long to spoon on  a blob of icing and add sprinkles. Drawing with the little tubes of icing does take a while so they might be a good option to get.


I usually put the decorated cakes on a paper plate and cover in cling wrap to send them home. 



my local grocery store does events and at Halloween they had decorate your own cupcakes - they frosted them and put them into quart plastic container (ones that you would get deli salads in) and the children dropped on the toppings- very easy- no mess and popped the lid one and took it home- the containers you can ask to buy and they are great reused for homemade play doh- the cupcakes are the perfect size and didn't move around inside- you could sent it home and attach a play doh recipe to the container or have her think up other uses and make a sign and attach it to the container

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We lived in Indiana and my son's birthday is in Jan. One of the birthdays he remembers most is his Laua party. We lived in family housing at a university and had a 600 sq ft apartment and 3 boys. It was very small but when we look at pictures there were about 10 kids that were there. I made pineapple upside down cake and we had a coupon for free pizza and we got ham and pineapple. We bought and made decorations and played games related to the theme. There was snow outside but we had warm fun inside. It helped make up for a couple of his birthdays that were during snowstorms and few people were able to come over.


There is no reason for parents to be coming to your daughter's party. If you have family over that could be at a different time than the party. When you send out invitations state that the party is kids only and you might suggest kids wear clothes they can play games in.

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